Daniel John Lee aka Preacher Dan

Booked 12/31/11 for Violating a Restraining Order, Contempt of Court, and Resisting Arrest

Taken only days after he published these two
very divisive articles insisting that not wearing
the right kind of head covering all the time
is a salvation issue.

He wrote, and I quote,

Since Paul says we are to pray without ceasing,
then we should wear our head coverings
all the time.
If we're in the shower or sleeping,
obviously we can take the head coverings off
. . . .
Either do this,
or burn in the Lake of Fire forever.

If he had been wearing such a head
covering at the time of his arrest, he
knows enough about constitutional law
to know that he could have requested
to keep it on
throughout booking.

He knows plenty to avoid charges
for publishing thinly veiled threats
to government officials and even being
videotaped discussing a kidnapping plot,
using G-d and the free speech and
free religion as a shield for his threats.

Released on bail in Oregon despite graphic threats to person whose RO he violated, skipped bail to publish thinly veiled threats to the judges involved, district attorney and police. All published on facebook along with repeated claims that G-d himself told him he would never again go to jail and even more graphic published threats of what the bible says he has the right to do to his ex-wives. Videotaped saying he was going to take children by force because biblical law supersedes man's law. Government doesn't bother to trace nonstop internet usage for 15 days, finally arrested in Alaska after 15 days but currently facing only misdemeanor charges for Stalking. Why is this man not facing serious charges for publishing increasingly graphic threats to individuals and government officials?

Welcome To TorahRestoration Reprobate Ministries

Did some weird guy claiming to be an apostle, prophet, or evangelist tell you that you are going to hell on facebook or a forum? You are not alone. As far as I can tell this man has damned the rest of the planet to hell.

Welcome to TorahRestoration Reprobate Ministries. I am to make this a hub of information as well as a truly open forum where people touched by this so-called ministry can share their ideas. Torah Restoration Ministries is very quick to add objectionable content and delete it as well as remove anyone who questions their message or their way of getting it across. This page is the sunlight that will make sure that they cannot post vile hate speech in G-d's name, remove it, and claim it never happened. Most of the screen shots from this "prophet's" webpage were grabbed on 2/6/11, when it was clear that he was intentionally trying to get his facebook cancelled in an effort to cover up the evidence.

Daniel John Lee has declared himself to be a prophet and chosen to be a public figure, passing out hundreds of cards with the his facebook and website information in an effort to get tithes. He can't even keep friends on facebook, admitting himself that he nosedived from 300 to 180ish in a few weeks because of his violent and threatening rhetoric, even while adding 5 friends every day.

The Holy Apostle And Prophet Daniel John Lee does not enjoy the same privacies us normal mortals do, these are just two posts showing how he has gone out of his way to make himself a public figure which allows me to comment on him with entirely different rules than would apply otherwise.

Using the words like f-ck and s-it claiming they were direct quotes from G-d himself is the least shocking of this behavior. A quick navigation above shows what this man is really about, a serious anger problem that he cannot be treated for because it is, for all intents and purposes, his religion.

This man has an uncontrollable temper and needs to be removed from society. This page will stand as a ghost of his past, reminding anyone who wants to help him along what he has said just months ago.

This is a fascinating case, testing the limits of our freedoms of speech and religion. He has already won an Oregon Supreme Court case in 1999 for calling people names like "whore" in G-d's name and getting arrested for disturbing the peace. We can only pray that he doesn't have the lucidity necessary to try such a thing again. Having admitted on his facebook that he has rebuked attorneys his supporters hired for him, causing them to quit, I find it unlikely that he can get anyone to do any pro-bono work for him but I will be watching the situation carefully.

Daniel should immediately stop claiming to be a prophet or apostle, especially considering he can't help but swear and damn people to hell when even asked what it is that he uses to justify these claims. He should immediately admit that G-d does not make mistakes which proves that the angry voice he hears that has given him 2 major false prophesies so far is something he really should be medicated for. He needs anger management, but the best treatment of all for him would be jail which would show him that G-d will not help him out of the messes he made.


Who are you? I am a former member of Torah Restoration Ministries disillusioned by the focus how to pronounce G-d's name, one madman's claim that he is filled with hate, and ever increasing demands for tithes.

Why are you doing this? Anyone who questions Torah Restoration Ministries is blocked and told they are going to hell. Interesting ideas are presented there and an open forum where true discussion can take place is needed. Also, people need to realize who Daniel John Lee is in the hopes that they stop supporting him financially so that he can lead more infants in the faith astray.

Are you obsessed? Take a look at this page and get back to me if you still have questions.

Is this all taken out of context? Take a look at what he's said to government officials and the us in general his ex-wives and everybody else. Under what context is this acceptable for anybody, let alone someone claiming to speak for G-d?

Isn't this none of your business? I used to go to and have a lot of friends still at PSU, and I think there's a good chance that a madman will attack there if released. Additionally, as a Christian, I am bound to stand up to false prophets.

Isn't this an invasion of the privacy of those involved? I don't think the people threatened by these men are concerned about their privacy, but if contacted by them I will mask their names. Both of his ex wives have very common names with thousands of people with the same name.

Are you a Daniel supporter in disguise trying to get information from those who oppose him? Yeah, thats it. You got me. If there really are any supporters left, I'd like them to write to me. Really.

Aren't you afraid that you'll be sued for slander or jailed for posting all this? I've been trying for months to get this man arrested for posting these threats. I am nonviolent and merely re-posting them as an alarm to the general public. If he can't get to jail for posting this stuff, I can't go to jail for re-posting it.
As for getting sued, its not slander because its ALL TRUE. Even if Daniel did have the money to sue me, I have nothing to take.

This site is on my hard drive, and if taken down it will be back very quickly on free sites.

What should I do? Please see this page.

My Questions

Any information or links about the 1999, 2002 or any other doomsday prophecies.

What was his problem with the Reboboth Church?

He previously claimed to be sinless for a decade and then 60 days. What sin did he admit to?

When he won his civil rights case did he get money, and if so how much and what happened to it?

The reason or charge behind this 2001 arrest.

Why he suddenly switched from torahandspirit to spiritandtorah.

Screenshots from the kids pages.

Anything else...


If you wish to make a donation to TorahRestoration Reprobate Ministries, I ask that you think of the people around you and help them. Surely you know someone who could use your help? Help an elderly neighbor, buy shoes for a poor kid, drop a dollar in a beggars cup. Or donate your time spreading the word about the injustice that has happened here.


I can be emailed at torahrestorationretrobates@yahoo.com or contacted on the forum.
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