Bragging and begging in the same week!!

According to Daniel's self serving autobiography, he has had a few menial jobs like car rentals and telemarketing. He even ran a cleaning service where his wife took the kids to clean houses and he likely stayed home arguing with people on the internet. For the most part, though, its is clear that Daniel has lived off the kindness of strangers. His autobiography does leave out that he won $10,000 in a civil rights lawsuit, or if any of those funds found their way to Yah. Doubtful.

He also seems to have been sucked into a few MLM schemes. I got an email about him selling vitamins that contained shellfish and found these links with him selling goji berries and water filters. Looks like he even dabbled in product placement on his website.

Here is is bragging about recently found riches, how he just got a new car and Iphone.

He's not really clear on exactly what happened to change his fate so quickly, but here he is begging for tithes not even a week later. I didn't see any videos of him preaching on the Iphone, and one certainly doesn't need a new car to get around, but Daniel deserves only the very best and we should send him money so he can have it.
He fails to explain, however, how this is much different than the reasons he gave for severing ties with a man who he was ministering with for some time. I guess he complained that this man had some assets and Daniel was more in need of tithes because he squandered every penny before it could hit the bottom of his pocket.

Legend has it this Canadian couple supported Daniel for almost a year, sending him at least a thousand dollars a month. One unconfirmed source said he lived most of that time at the Extended Stay Suites. One would think a prophet would seek out less expensive accommodations so he would have more left over to help the poor, but I guess he likes having someone else change his sheets, even on shabbat, or he was unable to get into an apartment even with rich backers. Here is his commentary about rebuking them despite their generous support.

I guess this didn't get their checks coming back in the mail, so a few days later he posted this.

They say a good tree makes good fruit, a bad tree bad fruit. If his ministry is not supporting him, why does he not seek out another kind of job? Many people spread the word of G-d and don't expect the general public to support them for their efforts. When its good its good for him though, here he is bragging about how much he enjoys his ministry. When he posted these things he had preached once publicly in the last six months, the "full time ministry" he spoke of was spending a few hours a day on facebook and similar sites leaving the lovely messages I've demonstrated on the rest of this website.

After he got warrants for his arrest, he could only "minister" online until he fled to another city. Here is just one example of him trying to be a public figure, which makes him eligible for sites of criticism like this.

He brags on his website that he does not have tax-exempt status. I wonder if all this income was ever reported as taxes, or if his backers will face charges for aiding a fugitive after he admitted on his website that he had warrants? Perhaps that is why they finally stopped, leaving him to beg once again.