Threats against ex-wives and eluding to kidnapping

(and if thats not enough, he's videotaped threatening to kidnap)

At first, he says that Yahweh is going to crush his ex-wife in court. He likely knows at this point that his new wife was going to get him an attorney.

According to one of his own accounts, he rebukes his own attorney for suggesting he not rebuke any more public officials. At this point, he realizes that he must control himself if he wants to get his kids through the courts, so he starts talking about a mysterious other way he's going to get his kids. He announces a few days later that this will happen when a massive earthquake flattens Portland, that G-d himself told him that he could then walk into the rubble of his ex-wife's house with his new wife. G-d would not have said this, since G-d knew his new wife would leave him.

When I was trying to report this next group of what I see as explicit threats to the police, they told me that everybody would be in jail if they responded every time someone got mad at their ex wife. This was not just once or twice though, this was over and over. Sadly, the worst of the threats were on this man's children's facebook pages, most of which basically said your mom will die very soon and I will come to get you. That page is down and I have no screen shots, but it was very sad. Here's what he left up on his page, all captured right before his page went down. I saw much worse threats that he quickly deleted, this is just what he left up.

Here is his response when people plead with him to be peaceful, and he clarifies that he does not mean any kid of spiritual warfare. I find "Yah will find me to make war on them!" to be specifically disturbing. These comments are from the post on the lower right.

Here he is being videotaped saying that he hired thugs to take his children. Its only fair to say the man who recorded this said Daniel said he was kidding shortly after the tape ended, this is a testimony to how honest this man is.

I can assure you from listening to his audio book. I've called the number shown in the video and its the same voice asking me to leave a message for his ministry. Seems to me the video is worth investigating, but the authorities seem to disagree.

Below, he never really says he's going to kidnap his kids, he seems to have an understanding of constitutional law that keeps him from getting in trouble. He all but says it though.

Ok, I digress. Not exactly a cut and dried threat, like next Tuesday at 2pm I'm going to go get my kids. But he insinuates it over and over, is videotaped saying he hired thugs, and makes it clear his interpretation of the word of G-d is above the laws.

On to the woman he married for 10 days. As far as I could tell they had an internet courtship of about a month and were planning to marry on 1/30/11. They met in the middle of January and married on 1/18/11, but she left him in 10 days, and for good reason explained over in the story I've written out. Basically most women don't dream of spending their honeymoon on the run with a man who is doing his best to rack up more felonies. I haven't talked to or even seen her, but that would be my best guess. When she left, he was nice at first. When he thought he could get her back, at least.

I wish I would have kept the nauseating flirting on his public wall to contrast with what I am about to show you below.

Here's his parting words to her. I can't help but imagine when this was written he was in his last night in the hotel and had nothing left to loose. Looks almost like he was trying to get arrested, but it didn't work. He got arrested for harassing an Alaskan in Alaska the next day.

Here is a screenshot of him publishing an article on his webpage about how much G-d hates his not-even-yet-ex wife.

Here's most of the rant, I wish I had the rest of it, but this is all I have. The nicks off the bottom are to keep the name of the friend I was chatting from from showing up on this page.

So I've been watching this case for a long time. I'm sure the families involved have contacted the authorities, and I have as well. This is just a small taste of the threats he's been publicly publishing. What I really want to know is what he said to the woman in Alaska to finally get charged with stalking. At this point, that is all he's charged with and as far as I can tell he should be out to continue his rampage in a month. That is, unless you click on the "What can I do?" above and do something to protect these women and his own children from this obvious madman.