What should I do?

As I finish this up on Valentine's night, as far as I can tell Clackamas County has dropped all their charges against Daniel John Lee. They had only charged him with contempt of court, which anyone can get for missing court, and resisting arrest. The State of Alaska has charged him with Stalking, which at most can keep him in jail for two months.

I have already tried to notify the NSA, FBI, my local police and the police where he lives. Absoloutely nothing was done. Because of my profession I know they have the technology to track him down in hours but instead they let him post graphic threats against individuals and eventually the general public and did nothing until someone in Alaska who he threatened pressed charges. I have to assume that his children's mother tried to do the same many times, and I think there's two main reasons why nothing happened.

First there's the LAWSUIT he won in 1999 when he was arrested for disturbing the peace. He set a precedent that his threatening "religious" speech is especially protected. Secondly, this story has only made the news twice in small quips when he skipped bail and then when he was arrested. If this case made the national news he would not be out to elude that he was going to kidnap his children again in a few short months.

Please contact your local news and national outlets and try to get them interested in this story. Forward this webpage to others who might do the same. Contact your local police and political representatives, the NSA, FBI, Clackamas County Police/DA and Haines County Police/DA. Let them know that the public does not want them to go easy on this man and he needs to face charges for the crimes outlined here.

Finally, say a prayer for all those that he has touched, and remember good will always overcome evil.

Send this webpage to your friends, especially the ones who you think might take the time to contact a few of the agencies below. This is not a hoax, look at all the news links on the links page! This is really happening, and it is only the sloth of good people that will keep him free.

In addition to the numbers and email addresses below, it also doesn't hurt to contact your local media, district attorney, and DA. The threats against the government and USA apply to you as well.

National News Outlets

cnn 404.827.1500, option 1
Fox News newsmanager@foxnews.com
NPR can't find phone
msnbc nightly@nbc.com
CBS Cant find phone
ABC News Pick a news show to contact

Portland, Oregon News outlets

These outlets had already ran short stories on Daniel being wanted, tell them the story ain't over yet!

KATU Assignment Desk 503-231-4264
kptv Tel: 503-906-1249
WILLAMETTE Week njaquiss@wweek.com Reporter
mzusman@wweek.com Letters to Editor
Oregonian newsroom@oregonian.com

Local and National Agencies and Officials

Here are some national agencies that should be interested and contact information for local agencies in Haines, Alaska where he is now and Clackamas, Oregon where he committed the majority of his crimes and then fled from. His Final Warning to the USA over in Terrorist Threats to Government includes YOU, so you may be able to file a report locally.

Who How to contact Why
National Security Administration 1-800-688-6115
Threats to govt officials, see page at top
FBI 1-800-CALL-FBI (225-5324) Threats to govt officials
Also google your state and FBI
to contact your local office
He said he was doling out judgement
on the US and that includes YOU
John S. Foote, District Attorney (503) 655-8431
Dropped charges for Contempt of Court
and Resisting Arrest,
failed to issue charges for threats.
Clackamas County Police (503) 723-4949 Put threats on net from their county, file report
Richard Svobodny
District Attorney for Haines
(907) 465-3620
Fax (907) 465-3919
Put threats on net from their county, he can file charges
Haines, Alaska PD (907) 766-2552 Put threats online from there, file report
Oregon Federal Prosecutor (503)727-1000 Can file charges for threats across state lines
Alaska Federal Prosecutor (907) 271-5071 Can file charges for threats across state lines

I've spent my entire Valentine's day on this, but if someone wants to compile a list of news outlets around Haines and Juneau Alaska that would be helpful.