Its only fair to say that I got this in an anonymous email, but it looks to me very much like something Daniel would write. If Daniel didn't go out of his way to block all of his sites from the internet way-back machine, such things would be easier to confirm. Why would he block this tool if he didn't know he was wrong?

In 2002, he made this set of prophecies:

1. After Powell leaves Mid-East, multi-pronged attack DEBKA reported would occur on Israel: Iraq, Iran, Hizbollah, Palestinians and Syria. They list grievances against Israel for dismanteling PA and isolating Arafat as motive for attack. Iraq launches missiles (bio and maybe nuke) and/or suicide pilots on Israel.

2. Israel retaliates by nuking Damascus and maybe Bagdad, Tehran???

3. Economies collapse; UN loudly condemns Israel, sends military observation forces; Arabs impose oil embargo on West

4. USA moves in to to finish job of taking out rest of Iraq. However, in midst of Iraqi attack, USA hit with major biological terrorist attack (kills millions of Americans).

5. USA declares martial law and gripped with internal strife from biological terrorist attack and collapsed economy.

6. China/Russia nuke coasts of America, take USA out.

7. Russia/Arabs strike Israel for Gog/Magog invasion

8. Yah wipes out Russia/Arab forces. Israel becomes super-power. Rest of world falls under One World Government

9. Eastern China bloc moves to attack Israel as remnant Torah obediant saints flee east into mountains. Israel falls under One World Government

10. 3.5 years later MESSIAH RETURNS!!!

Author, Daniel J. LeeĀ