Its only fair to say that I got this in an anonymous email, but it looks to me very much like something Daniel would write. If Daniel didn't go out of his way to block all of his sites from the internet way-back machine, such things would be easier to confirm. Why would he block this tool if he didn't know he was wrong?

Doom, General All-purpose 2001 and beyond

Author, Daniel J. Lee 
  Dear saints of the Most High and heathen of the devil,

  The Lord Jesus and His Holy Ghost has laid upon my heart a burning prophetic word that I cannot shut up in my bones for fear it will consume me. This prophetic word was passed along to me from a Prophet of God named Michael Rood. He is a very humble, contrite and broken Messianic Jew, who loves Jesus dearly. Largely, the Holy Ghost dropped this prophetic word in my heart from this wonderful man of God.

  Ok, ready? Here it is. Fasten your seatbelts.

  The United States of America is very close to experiencing some serious hell-breaking judgement. When will it occurr? I'm not sure. I suspect in the next 2-3 years but I could be wrong. Nevertheless, when it does happen this is EXACTLY HOW IT WILL HAPPEN.

  1. Everything will be humming along rather nicely one day, business as usual in the good ol' US of A when, suddenly, the stock market plunges. The entire American economy, in a few days, will shatter and collapse like a falling deck of cards. Land will be confiscated by the banks and hardly anyone will own property. Property rights are severly limited. All in a few days.

  2. The sudden economic crash (engineered by those who control our economy) will cause a SEVERE shortage in gas, oil and food. Within a few weeks, grocery stores will be empty,production nill and starvation real in our inner cities.

  3. Overnight, the major cities in America will turn into FIRE STORMS. All it took was abad verdict to get the blacks to torch parts of L.A. in the early 90's. What do you think willhappen in the major cities when familes are desperate to feed their children? When people can'tget food and water due to shortages? RIOTS!!! RIOTS WILL, overnight, turn our major cities into war zones.

  4. The US government will allow these riots to get out of control just long enough to "be forced" to enact martial law. Say goodbye to the Constituion and street preaching at this point. It won't ever return to the USA. Never again.

  5. The 3 million or so men who make up the patriot movement will, reacting angrily against martial law, unite and attempt to start a second revolution to restore America back to her christian roots by using the sword. These well intentioned but pitiful patriots will only bring the wrath of the US government on their heads. An internal revolution will break out in the middle of the country, and the US government (perhaps using UN troops) will quickly act to quell the internal civil war.

  6. As the government is quickly putting a stop to the violent revolution gripping the country while simultaneously attempting to restore order to riot gripped cities, Russia and China will attack.

  7. Russia and China, with nuclear subs along our coasts, will nuke the East and West coasts of the USA straight to Hell.

  8. Allies of Russia and China such as Cuba, North Korea and Iraq/Iran will also launch nukes, striking America all at once.

  9. Interconinental ballistic missiles will contaminate the underground fresh water aquifars in the USA, contaminting our fresh water supply.

  10. Through the smoke and rubble of nuclear devestation, the Russians and Chinease along with their allies who hate the USA, will begin moving their troops into continental America.

  11. Russian troops will pour through Alaska down into Minnesota and spread out into theheartland of America, transporting American nuclear holocaust surviors into concentration camps.

  12. Cuban and Russian soldiers will pour through Florida into the South eastern portion ofthe USA.

  13. Chinease soldiers will probably come up from the canal, sweep through Mexico and intoTexas.

  14. Other armies will cross over the West Coast, more than likely.

  15. At this point, only those safely protected by hidden nuclear bomb shelters or hiding in the mountains of America will still be alive and/or avoid capture.

  16. And, of course, the coasts of America will be a nuclear graveyard while the "heartland" of America will be fuly controlled by the Russians and Chinease with surviing Americans brutally tortured and confined in concentration camps.

  17. And, to top it all of, the saints will NOT be raptured to escape this judgement on America.

  Ok, folks. There you go. This is how it is going to go down. At least, pretty close anyway. Repent and turn to Jesus Christ of Nazareth! Foresake ALL of your sin! STOP SINNING!!! It is time to STOP playing games and get right with God. The hour of His nuclear judgement on America doth come . . .

  In Jesus' Holy Name and through His Blood,
Daniel J. Lee