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Wednesday, February 16, 2011

I got a short email from someone who says they are close to the case thanking me for this site, and they sent me this file as proof. They said they wanted to remain anonymous, which is what I am going to assume, please let me know if you want me to publish your email so you can get replies here. If that is the case, you'd probably be better off just using the forum. Here's my new file! Thanks for the gift!

Please keep in mind, I still want screenshots of Daniel's yearlong vacation debacle, his debate about 2nd marriages, and what he posted on his friend's facebook. I just had a few minutes to grab screenshots so any others that you think might fit in here would be well appreciated as well!


Friday, February 18, 2011

I got quite a bit of email today which enticed me to add more content. These two went to the Prophet section.

If you're not convinced yet, he's also claimed a few healings his wife's headache, a backache and a pagan with liver failure.

Here's another opportunity to compare how Daniel saw his preaching and how the students saw it.

Also I got information which led me to add this to the righteous anger section.

Telling people they were saying G-ds name wrong was a popular distraction for Daniel when he was loosing an argument. I'll upload some examples of this later, but I got an email pointing out just one of many of the name's he's used for G-d. Click on each letter of this old name he used for G-d for another example of him calling G-d Y a V e h.

I added this to the bragging/begging section.

He also seems to have been sucked into a few MLM schemes. I got an email about him selling vitamins that contained shellfish and found these links with him selling goji berries and water filters. Looks like he even dabbled in product placement on his website.

I found this interesting FAQ from his old page to links.

I added this terrible novel to links as well.

When I have the time, I'm going to compare this definition of revivals with what I'm pretty sure in his own autobiography he said was just a few people coming to his house.

Finally I got yet another email from somebody accusing me of being a Daniel supporter in disguise. That is just silly.

If you knew Daniel and want to make a statement, I will add it here, with or without your email address, your choice. These could be either in his defense, criticism, or a mixture of your feelings.

I'm assuming the people sending me info do not want me to publish where it is coming from, please let me know specifically otherwise if you want me to publish your letter here with your address or a pen name.


Saturday, February 19, 2011

I got an email about more prophecies in 2001 and 2002 so I added them to the prophecy section with fair warning that they came from an anonymous email. I still really want to see what he wrote would happen in 1999. How many guesses does an apostle get?

I also have plans to move around the top a bit if I have time, moving Sinless and Repentance together and changing Sinless Apostle and Prophet to Apostle, Prophet and Preacher.


Sunday, February 20, 2011

Got a link for an older forum and scanned it over dinner finding the best parts. Plan to do the same to the other forums as time allows and make a separate page for forum antics, which are quite amusing. Also got ancient link to 2001 prophecy page but don't have time to link it now. I'm thinking about a way to reduce duplicate information on this page, so I'll only have one section on false prophecies, etc. The page will be a bit messy until I figure out how I am going to do that.

Torah Restoration Ministries Forum 3/04 to 11/05

It looks like he tried to delete it but large portions of it were cached. It's pretty standard Daniel, from preach reports where he asks a woman to go find her owner because he couldn't win a biblical argument with her to these sermon reports I don't understand why he would think anyone would want to read and even a few somewhat coherent but not spellchecked biblical interpretations. Most of them don't make much sense though, like this one that explains why when the bible says all food is ok to eat in the New Testament, it meant all kosher food, and when it said congregations that told you what to eat are bad, they meant the restrictive Catholics with no meat on Friday, not Leviticus.

He explains how Exodus 20, better known as the 10 commandments, makes his wife and daughters his property but can't explain why every jot and tittle of Exodus 20 applies to here and now but Exodus 21, which describes the rules of selling daughters for slaves, would only apply to a Torah society. On the top of the page he asks people to refrain from profanity but upon loosing the argument he calls her a bitch and reminds her of her eventual mortality.

He was mostly talking to himself and the thread titles show a few dissenting voices that were not archived, but it was a classic Daniel forum with him doing at least 90% of the posting. He also attracted a conspiracy theorist, a Jehovah's Witnesses, and a racist who he only mildly disagreed with.

When someone points out that Brojed doesn't approve of his tactics and might even say he's going to hell Daniel points out that he has the same feelings about Brojed. Even though he seemed to be great friends with him on his board until it ended abruptly about a year earlier.

He also advertises a a new blog but it must have been in a frame I couldn't access because he says its on the top of the page and I can't find it. If you can, please email me.

Also got a link to this doomsday article saying the world would end in 2001. I'll move it to other parts of the site that mention it soon.