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After he missed a court date recently, the local media put out about a half dozen articles that were virtual carbon copies of this one. After he was arrested, the local story did interestingly change around a bit, saying first it was an anonymous tip that told them where he was, then the Portland PD called the Alaska PD where he was hiding out, and finally an Alaskan news source said that they arrested him after Oregon PD "finished their homework." Its also, for some reason, contradicting in articles if he was arrested at the hotel he was staying or a nearby museum.

Most of the other articles about Daniel said pretty much the same thing; loud obnoxious man in park blocks, but its his legal right to be there. I found two very interesting articles whitewashed out of his self serving autobiography on his website. Here is an article describing how he won a case about his civil rights being violated when he was arrested for calling people names like "whore" in Eugene, and here's one where he escalated an argument with a passerby to a physical altercation and then put his infant son in between him and the man he had picked a fight with.

Here are his reports of him preaching online. I've compared these with actual footage of him preaching here.

Despite his constant attempts at fame, most of what has been written about Daniel sofar has been in the Vanguard, the student newspaper of where he has done most of his street preaching. These two ( 1 2 ) articles describe how students felt about him as early as 2001, and this one shows how happy they were to see him arrested. I don't have any information about why he was arrested or what happened but would love to find out. More of the same continued into 2003, including a banner asking him to go away. When he returned in 2009 the theatre group reserved the stage for the whole year, forcing Daniel to leave town to find another soapbox. Less than a year ago another article of basically the same tone, until very recently they seemed happy to announce he was wanted.

Here are some ( 1 2 ) court docs about charges he is currently facing in Alaska. Seems pretty paltry to me considering the threats he's made against individuals as well as government officials.

This story has not seen nearly enough of the cleansing sunlight of the public's attention. Why, after all these threats to his ex-wifes, threatening their lives and constantly eluding that he was going to kidnap his children, even being video taped doing so, is he only facing charges of "harassment," in Alaska, facing a maximum 30 day charge? He's even posted violent and persistent threats against the US government officials.

When I have time, I am going to put links and contact information in for news sources, but it just takes a second to google your favorite news source and ask them why they have not covered this story. Offer them this webpage.

Here are a few more links that may be of interest.

Daniel John Lee False Prophet is an anonymous blog that I honestly haven't had the time to read. Let me know if there's anything I don't know in there.

This is a website from someone who truly practices what Daniel claims to, Messianic Judiasm. This man at first was a friend and follower of Daniel but Daniel managed to earn his ire, as he does anyone who knows him for any period of time.

Here is a fascinating story of Daniel coming to age in Leander, Texas during a revival that broke up his church, it explains a lot of where he learned to do what he does.

Here's an interesting FAQ from his old page.

I don't see why anyone would find the rest of these to be too useful, but I found them in my searches so I thought I would include them here.

Look.. Bro Jed hasn't completely airbrushed Daniel Lee out of his story! Bro Jed, still an active and controversial street preacher, was a major influence on teenaged Daniel in his his own account of that day which he recorded as two days later.

Here is a short blog about a novel he wrote and his efforts to get it published. Here's another awful novelette.

Here is his nauseating autobiography.

Here is an abandoned myspace account from when he was trying to reconcile with his wife. Here is another, later but also abandoned as of about a year ago, myspace account.

This appears to be an earlier version of his site, its torah and spirt instead of spirit and torah, abandoned and not updated for a long time. I wonder what happened to make him decide to switch around the terms and start over in what he claims was a page overhaul?

TorahRestoration Reprobate Ministries

Torah Restoration Ministries Forum 3/04 to 11/05

It looks like he tried to delete it but large portions of it were cached. It's pretty standard Daniel, from preach reports where he asks a woman to go find her owner because he couldn't win a biblical argument with her to these sermon reports I don't understand why he would think anyone would want to read and even a few somewhat coherent but not spellchecked biblical interpretations. Most of them don't make much sense though, like this one that explains why when the bible says all food is ok to eat in the New Testament, it meant all kosher food, and when it said congregations that told you what to eat are bad, they meant the restrictive Catholics with no meat on Friday, not Leviticus.

He explains how Exodus 20, better known as the 10 commandments, makes his wife and daughters his property but can't explain why every jot and tittle of Exodus 20 applies to here and now but Exodus 21, which describes the rules of selling daughters for slaves, would only apply to a Torah society. On the top of the page he asks people to refrain from profanity but upon loosing the argument he calls her a bitch and reminds her of her eventual mortality.

He was mostly talking to himself and the thread titles show a few dissenting voices that were not archived, but it was a classic Daniel forum with him doing at least 90% of the posting. He also attracted a conspiracy theorist, a Jehovah's Witnesses, and a racist who he only mildly disagreed with.

When someone points out that Brojed doesn't approve of his tactics and might even say he's going to hell Daniel points out that he has the same feelings about Brojed. Even though he seemed to be great friends with him on his board until it ended abruptly about a year earlier.

He also advertises a a new blog but it must have been in a frame I couldn't access because he says its on the top of the page and I can't find it. If you can, please email me.

Also got a link to this doomsday article saying the world would end in 2001. I'll move it to other parts of the site that mention it soon.

Here are three ( 1 2 3 forums he was posting to several years ago.

Youtube Account

podcast account. Notice interests include glass blowing. Isn't that making ty tobacco pipes? Might explain things.

Here he is looking for new ministry in 06.

Here's a personal's ad I found. was where his facebook profile was before it was taken down, but its just a dead link now. I'm not sure if this message means it was removed by facebook or him, if anyone knows I would appreciate the input.

Also this just in, the above post sounds really, really gay. Not that I have anything against Gay people, but perhaps this is insight into his psyche.

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