Sinless Apostle and Prophet?

Here are just a few quick examples of Daniel claiming to be holy, sinless, and a prophet.

Here is is in one of the two instances I caught him refer to himself as "Yashua Afresh." What does he mean by this?

And here he is backtracking on these claims.

So he is not G-d, or Jesus, but he does supposedly speak to G-d everyday. Here is his reaction to someone questioning his direct line to G-d that tells him people who get in facebook spats with him are bound for hell.

He used to just go by "preacher Dan" and didn't provide much explanation to his sudden claims to apostleship until asked repeatedly. At first he just swore at those that asked, and then he finally produced this document on his website.

Wow, what a setup! These are the best of his prophecies from the last decade! These should be good.. right?

There are so very many that he is cursed and damned, its not at all surprising that one of them has died by now. Since 100% of people die, that was a pretty safe bet for him to make, and since the man was over 50 when it happened 5 years later, it was hardly shocking.

So you were really abusive to your wife and you guessed that she would eventually leave you and date after the divorce was final? Thats not at all surprising. Maybe when you figured this out you should have put extra effort into the marriage?

Even if it weren't for the fact that the Saints were veteran Superbowl champs and their opponents had never made it that far, it would have been a 50-50 shot.

How exactly is that? Can you name one other adult in Portland who you do not believe is going to hell? If the spirit of Elijah has taken over, why does G-d feel the need to kill us all in an earthquake?

Thats just a matter of perspective. There has not been one day in the history of newscasting that the anchorman has just said "well, nothing really happened today." Its a big world and there's always something going on that can be interpreted as a major world event.

Really? Obvious? I've had more lucky guesses in my life but don't commit blasphemy by claiming G-d himself told me these things.

If you're not convinced yet, he's also claimed a few healings. his wife's headache, a backache and a 'pagan' with liver failure.

Lets take a look at your prophesies that did not come to pass.

In the same email, I got this bombed prophecy from 2002 and more information on this prophecy.

These are just the ones that I caught in my quick grab of screen shots and recreational googling and does not include many times he prophesied over the last 3 years the swift return of your children, first in court and then by an earthquake. You also thought your books would be bestsellers and Ron Paul would win the white house, remember? You're not even batting 500 and the G-d I kneel to makes no mistakes, ever!

Here are his reactions to people pointing out how weak and stupid these claims are when he posted them on facebook.

Daniel has also written quite a few books he thought would be bestsellers, prophesied the return of his children several times, and also prophesied repeatedly, saying that God himself told him that he would never again go to jail. He later clarified in this document that what he meant is that he would not go to Clackamas County Jail, and with every news story since his capture saying he will be extradited, this looks dubious as well.

He has recently added new prophesies on his webpage, advertising all over facebook to let people know.

Here's what the bible has to say about people who declare false prophesies.

This is Deuteronomy 18-22, NIV.

But a prophet who presumes to speak in my name anything I have not commanded, or a prophet who speaks in the name of other gods, is to be put to death.' You may say to yourselves, 'How can we know when a message has not been spoken by the LORD?' If what a prophet proclaims in the name of the LORD does not take place or come true, that is a message the LORD has not spoken. That prophet has spoken presumptuously, so do not be alarmed.

No wonder he was so sensitive about it.

I'm no biblical scholar, but it doesn't look to me like G-d is saying that we should keep guessing until we get something right. He says, plainly, that people who make false prophesies should be put to death. Am I recommending violence against anyone? No. I am just pointing out the obvious truth that G-d does not give false prophesies to his "apostles," so therefore, if you had any doubt, this man is not one.

Daniel also claims to be completely sinless, for either 10 years or 60 days depending on what account of his you are reading. I cannot find, and would be very interested to know, what happened that led him to believe that he had sinned.

It seems to me there is nothing that could happen that would not be seen by this man as a message from G-d himself saying how great he is. In his preaching reports, which I wish I would have saved, G-d either gave him the strength to preach in the rain or granted him a sunny day to preach in. Here are some more examples.

Here's some videos of him preaching at PSU.

Here is his preaching report from the day the video above was taken. Its understandable that he misquotes himself a bit on what he said after the students mock bowed to him, but looking at the video the crowd size and demeanor doesn't seem to match what he's claiming in the report.

This link describes the day the videos above, the first just a continuation of the second, were taken. There are many subjective differences in the account here vs what he said happened, but its hard to argue that he was at all right about what makes it obvious this post was for this day.

Here is how he describes his interaction with Lisa, which is later shown in the first video from 1:26 to 1:59. I've also done my best to do a transcript of this interaction.

Lisa- unintelligible - walk away - unintelligible - watch him - unintelligible - ignorance - and all we are doing is giving him, um, uh, and ability to come back like he thinking does have something to say. (turns to him) They're all just laughing at you!

Daniel "Whaddaya say Yaweh wants you to come into his kingdom. You're very close."

Lisa (unintelligible, doesn't sound at all like she's sold) You're very sad!

Daniel "Yahwey wants you to come into his kingdom. You're very close. Yayweh wants you in his kingdom Lisa because you have good things and qualities that he has given you so you can be a pious warrior princess for Yaweh.

Lisa, shuffles feet nervously, unintelligible speech over Daniels rantings, something like "I think its best if we just try not to talk to him." Marcus, his main heckler, retakes the crowds attention except for a moment where Daniel admonishes lesbians and Marcus identifies her as such and gives her a hug.

Then his regular heckler takes back over, and mocks Daniel through a chorus of laughter as he admits he's not the smartest person but he loves his daddy. It's pretty sad actually to wonder if he really is so out of it he thought Lisa was close to converting, or if he was just spicing it up a bit for his new Canadian bankrollers.

Here's another opportunity to compare how Daniel saw his preaching and how the students saw it.

It doesn't take watching them all to learn that he is not that articulate and I don't think its a coincidence that he stopped preaching publicly right after these came out. He then took his ministry to the internet, where he could control who said what and even (I think) create extra accounts to agree with himself.

When people would question him, he would just block them from facebook. He posted messages like this one a few times after removing very valid questions from his page, regardless of how nicely worded they were.

Many times he had to purge his facebook of people questioning his outrageous claims. Afterwards, he often posted things like this. No, not yet, Daniel.

Eventually, right before his arrest, being able to block people who disagreed with him on facebook was not enough isolation for him to keep his delusions and image he was trying to portray. He was adding many new friends every day, but still dropped from 300s to 180s in a few months.

His last few posts seem like he was almost begging facebook to take down his account so he wouldn't have to deal with the facade of pretending to have a congregation anymore.

His wish was granted. Its obvious at this point that he is mentally ill, and I don't think he has the kind of mental illness that can be cleared up with therapy. Only sitting in jail and yelling curses and damnation at guards and other prisoners and slowly coming to the reality that G-d is not his private GI Joe fixing his problems for him will snap him out of this.