The Daniel John Lee Story as I understand it.

This is quite a tale, and its TRUE. This is a page in progress but eventually every accusation will be backed up with links, now most are.

I hope my peppering of mainstream news links help you understand that this is really happening. Daniel is so over the top many people think he's kidding, I've gotten over a dozen emails now telling me that he is a parody making fun of Christians. I wish I shared in this ignorance, I walked by his sermons many times.

This is my understanding of what happened. It is based on my flawed memory of reading a lot of web sites I can't find again or give credit to and listening to Daniel himself's nauseatingly self-serving autobiography audiobook. If I am in any way wrong, please let me know so I can fix the story, but I think this account is about as accurate of an understanding as an outsider can hope for. Daniel's own accounts of his life are inconsistent and confusing to read. His autobiography skips back and forth and mentions few dates. Many of his tirades are from the very earliest days of the internet and hard to find, this one specifically rebukes a reader for trying to look up a troupe of street preachers he formed.

Daniel John Lee was born in 1979, a self-described miracle baby because his mom was told she couldn't have more kids. His younger brother, WHO HE SAID IS GOING TO HELL, was born 18 months later. He was raised in a a local church in Leander, Texas. He mentions a spiritual awakening a few months before his 18th birthday but doesn't mention why it's short lived. He tried preaching in a mall the following month but was thrown out and gave up. The first appearance of Ken Jones and Jed Smock in his church was on his 18th birthday in April of 1997. At first the message only sticks, by his own account, for about a week. When Jones and Smock return in August Daniel starts campus preaching in October and soonafter his first claims at being sinless can be found. Jones and Smock are replacing the leadership of the church and throwing droves of longtime church members out for being sinners, including Daniel in the beginning of 1998.

I have received a lot of emails about that and also his early rantings of shooting abortion doctors and would really like links to either. This was probably one of the main reasons his family moved him across the country for college.

Dear saints,

I would like to give everyone a prophetic warning. On December 31, 1999, the Lord Jesus Christ will break the sixth seal as described in Revelation 6. The sun will be turned to sackcloth, the moon will turn to blood, stars will fall from the sky (asteroids and meteors) and the heavens will roll up like a scroll. Every mountain and island will be moved out of its place as MASSIVE earthquakes cause MASSIVE destruction.

(Very specific description on how destruction is going to involve Y2K, Jupiter, Asteroids, etc.. very ironic he didn't even bother to spell check or proofread it. Click on the text to pull the whole thing up.)

Be prepared saints. On December 31, 1999, Jesus IS going to crack open the sixth seal. Let he who has ears hear what the Spirit says to the churches.

Love you all in Christ,

This was just the beginning of a very well established pattern in Daniel's life of giving prophecies when he wanted attention. He promised never to dabble in prophecy again if he was wrong but quickly forgot. He's got a prophecy on the burner now and will again be eating crow if the dollar does not collapse by this June (2011.) Its on the first part of his main webpage.

But a prophet who presumes to speak in my name anything I have not commanded, or a prophet who speaks in the name of other G-ds, is to be put to death.' You may say to yourselves, 'How can we know when a message has not been spoken by the LORD?' If what a prophet proclaims in the name of the LORD does not take place or come true, that is a message the LORD has not spoken. That prophet has spoken presumptuously, so do not be alarmed. Deuteronomy 18:20-22

I'm no biblical scholar, but it doesn't look to me like G-d is saying that we should keep guessing until we get something right. He says, plainly, that people who make false prophesies should be put to death. Am I recommending violence against anyone? No. I am just pointing out the obvious truth that G-d does not give false prophesies to those who he chooses as his apostles.

The revival in Leander was short lived and the church changed its name from Trinity Christian Center to Lifesprings to try to remake itself afterwards. They even had a dinner to welcome back the old elders Smock chased off. Jed Smock may not be welcome in Leander any more, but its clear that this man's takeover of his church was the single greatest influence in Daniel's life. Years later when someone asks him what he does for a living, he says YHVH has both "called me out" and "chosen me" to be a sort of jed smock (only the Torah Version). He has never typed truer words. He got the ideas of confrontational campus evangelism as a profession, sinlessness, and the idea of winning arguments by calling others sinners directly from Jed. His own autobiography shows him trying to take over several churches the exact same way that Smock did his and he delights in blocking people when he disagrees with them online, much like Smock throwing people out of a church.

In July he moves to Eugene, Oregon to attend Gutenburg and meets his first wife, Annika, on the internet. They marry three weeks after meeting and move back to Eugene so Daniel can go to school while Annika supports him. In April of 1999 he is threatened with arrest for confrontational preaching and his pastor comes with him to help him. When his pastor sees what he is doing he is kicked out of the church, but he continues to preach this way being arrested for disorderly conduct for calling people names while preaching, and later has this conviction overturned in court. He tries this again, and fails, in 2002. During this time he is arrested for In different accounts he blames dropping out of school on both Annika's early miscarried pregnancies and the desire to move to Portland to preach, which he does in May of 1999.

Daniel tried to take over a number of Portland Churches starting about when his first child was born. He joined a troupe of street preachers called "The Flames of Fire," preaching at concerts and a gay bar. He calls the 8 to 15 people who came to his apartment "a revival" and even baptized someone in his bath tub. It was about that time that I believe he became possessed.

In the midst of this home fellowship, a man named Tim, a truck driver who was my close friend, prophecied over me. He anointed me with oil and prophecied these words --

You, Daniel, are My apostle.

Tim then warned me not to reveal this to anyone at that time. Tim said I would know when the time would come to reveal this.

Notice the Tim the truck driver did not say he was G-d apostle, but HIS apostle. This group and the Flames disbanded when Daniel discovered and demanded that everyone else in the group immediately accept his new truth of Messianic Judaism. The Messianic Jews I have met in researching this have been beautiful people. I've read his entire website and there is nothing on there about being good to people, not stealing, not lying.. the whole thing is a self serving mess of him trying to explain his behavior, self-promotion and his scriptural interpretations and even adding to the scripture. Even his trilogy love abandon is really just about how if you love G-d you will keep all 613 laws of the Torah, not once, on the whole site, mentioning anything about the greatest law of love unless except as interpreted as pointing out the speck in other's eyes. This anonymous comic illustrates better than anything else the error in Daniel Lee's thinking focusing on Levitical law and brushing over the ideas of love, charity, and being good to your neighbor.

He started insisting that he followed all 613 laws of the old covenant and was therefore perfect. He used not keeping a tiny part of Leviticus as reason that others were going to hell. He pointed out that part of Leviticus was "for Levite priests only," or "only in a Torah society," but it seems nothing but his own convenience decided what part of the Torah he would keep and what parts he would tell others they were going to hell for breaking.

I found several attempts to start his own forum, but when no one was answering his rants despite him handing out cards with his website he tried to take over others. He spends years literally contending with the people on The Free Speech Forum. Its so comical to try to see him debate with people who actually are educated, especially since he can't just yell over them online. He eventually says he's just going to post his preaching reports there and not reply, but someone says posting off-topic things with no intention of engaging in conversation is spam. His last gasps are saying that he set up an "automated message" referring people to a a forum he set up and could control, but not drive any traffic to. No forum offers an "AUTOMATED REPLY," feature and this was one of his early attempts at intent spin before he had dozens of profiles on every network and forum.

He was such a good telemarketer the Oregonian let him keep his job even though he refused to work on Saturdays, but they suspended him when he shared his homophobia at work. The Oregonian is the most conservative newspaper in Oregon, though he describes what happened as a friendly conversation he was probably talking loudly waiting others to hear as he has ADMITTED DOING a few times.

Artic les in the PSU student paper show they were getting really tired of him, mentioning a 2001 arrest that I can't find any more information on. A student group reserved the stage for a whole year. He claims he cleared this up in an appointment with top PSU officials.

I remember Mark and I grinning from ear to ear as we officially reserved the stage area for the rest of the school year. In effect, anyone who wanted to use the stage would now have to go through me. How the tables had turned!

Instead of doing this, he decides to take his children, a toddler and baby, to Disneyland while he waits to find out if he still has a job. When he finds out he is fired he decides to hit the road with his severance pay, preaching at campuses and having a friend at home send out newsletters asking for donations. The newsletters bear no fruit but he does get a few donations, as well as free housing, from people at each town. He doesn't mention his prophesies that the world would end in 2-3 years that came out about that same time. He said later tried to attribute this to another Messianic teacher who denied he told Daniel this.

When he got back to Portland he tries to start a window cleaning business but decides that is too much work. His story is full of ideas for getting money without working, one may wonder if this "ministry," is just one of them. His website brags that his tracts are completely 100% free, but he ASKS FOR DONATIONS on his website and facebook from time to time and has tried to sell tapes and study guides. He has also written several awful novels, recorded a cd, and gotten sucked into multilevel marketing schemes like VITAMINS, water filters and goji berries. It looks like he even tried to sell product placement on his website once. The only job he can find is commission only and his frustration leaks into his preaching.

He admits he used his son as a shield in a fight he started and kicked a dog while preaching. He packed up his family again and went down to Mariposa, California where he knew someone he could live off of for a while.

An emailed source tells me about this time he generated yet another doomsday prophecy. Its only fair to point out that this was from an an anonymous email but it smells like he wrote it. If anyone can find a link to this, I'd really appreciate it.

In 2002, he made this set of prophecies:

1. After Powell leaves Mid-East, multi-pronged attack DEBKA reported would occur on Israel: Iraq, Iran, Hizbollah, Palestinians and Syria. They list grievances against Israel for dismanteling PA and isolating Arafat as motive for attack. Iraq launches missiles (bio and maybe nuke) and/or suicide pilots on Israel.

2. Israel retaliates by nuking Damascus and maybe Bagdad, Tehran???

3. Economies collapse; UN loudly condemns Israel, sends military observation forces; Arabs impose oil embargo on West

4. USA moves in to to finish job of taking out rest of Iraq. However, in midst of Iraqi attack, USA hit with major biological terrorist attack (kills millions of Americans).

5. USA declares martial law and gripped with internal strife from biological terrorist attack and collapsed economy.

6. China/Russia nuke coasts of America, take USA out.

7. Russia/Arabs strike Israel for Gog/Magog invasion

8. Yah wipes out Russia/Arab forces. Israel becomes super-power. Rest of world falls under One World Government

9. Eastern China bloc moves to attack Israel as remnant Torah obediant saints flee east into mountains. Israel falls under One World Government

10. 3.5 years later MESSIAH RETURNS!!!

Author, Daniel J. Lee

In his autobiography he describes the next two years of his life, in which he took a break from preaching, as one of the most blessed times of our lives. and THE GOLDEN YEARS OF MARIPOSA. His wife was working with the baby while he stayed home and wrote some novels and tries to them published. They declared bankruptcy and his wife's parents had to get them a new car. In time they, well probably mostly Annika, got their business going well enough that he could afford regular trips to UCLA to preach. As usual he thought he was really reaching people, or at least wrote that he did but he was actually just a clown. Towards the end of his UCLA preaching spree, when a heckler called him "an apostle of the devil." I haven't heard of any other apostles coming out as such when trying to save face, but it was then that Daniel claims that he first came out as an apostle.

In 2005, while I was preaching to a crowd of 300 students at UCLA, a hypocrite who hated Torah, called me "an apostle of the devil". I rebuked this student and said, "Well, I am an apostle, but I am an apostle of YahShua ha Maschiach!" I then went public that I was an apostle.
One of the ways that Daniel justifies staying home for 2 years while his wife supports the family with their infant daughter on her hip is saying that he is "homeschooling his children." He did this from the time his eldest was 3 until he was 5. Notice the curriculum he claims to be teaching his very, very young children.

Annika would go clean houses with baby 3rdChildDaughter, while I stayed home and homeschooled the two boys. Day after day, seated in my computer chair, I would face OldestSon and 2ndBorn who sat on our large couch. For a few hours, I would take out a huge colorful map of the United States and quiz them on the various states. Eventually, they even memorized the capitols. We would review scripture, do some math, and study history. It was a wonderfully delightful time, and Annika enjoyed the peaceful solitude of house cleaning with baby 3rdChildDaughter. Our life was smoothly content, and to this day I often refer to it as the golden years of Mariposa.
Of course those were golden days for him! He sat around in the solitude of the woods homeschooling toddlers and arguing with people on the internet while his wife supported him literally with a baby on her hip! When his wife got pregnant again, he might have realized that she could not clean houses with 2 children in tow and didn't want to watch more kids. He may have also feared that at this point it was necessary to actually start educating his children. He stayed home to "homeschool" until his oldest was 5. Take a look at that curriculum again and keep in mind the children were 1 and 3 when he started and 3 and 5 when he handed those duties back to his wife.

As much fun as we had carting our four children around with us, I began to realize that this housecleaning business was not going to be able to work for much longer. With Annika now pregnant with our 5th child, it was going to become absolutely impossible to bring the entire family with us on our jobs. And the number of clients we now had made it impossible for either one of us to simply stay home with the children while the other worked as we had done for a period of time in Mariposa.
Once again just as they had found stability Daniel uprooted his family. In California he could not watch that many children while she worked, but in Missouri she took care of all of them as well as their host's and his son. Many times he made it clear that it is a WIFES DUTY to do all the housework, which I'm sure she did. He also mentions that she started home-schooling in Missouri. During that time he did help their host with a vitamin scheme, I got an email saying they had shellfish in them, but its pretty clear Daniel had found himself another almost free ride. He used all that free time to make a fool of himself online.

About that time he was finally chased off the The Free Speech Forum. claiming to use an automated response that didn't exsist for questions he couldn't answer, he started his own forum which he used from 3/04 to 11/05.

It was mostly him posting what his new mentor planned to preach but got ugly whenever anyone else stumbled in. From preach reports where he asks a woman to go find her owner because he couldn't win a biblical argument with her to these sermon reports I don't understand why he would think anyone would want to read and even a few somewhat coherent but not spellchecked biblical interpretations. Most of them don't make much sense though, like this one that explains why when the bible says all food is ok to eat in the New Testament, it meant all kosher food, and when it said congregations that told you what to eat are bad, they meant the restrictive Catholics with no meat on Friday, not ministries like his that focused on diet.

He explains how Exodus 20, better known as the 10 commandments, makes his wife and daughters his property but can't explain why every jot and tittle of Exodus 20 applies to here and now but Exodus 21, which describes the rules of selling daughters for slaves, would only apply to a Torah, which I understand is after-rapture, society. On the top of the page he asks people to refrain from profanity but upon loosing the argument he calls her a bitch and reminds her of her eventual mortality.

He was mostly talking to himself and the thread titles show a few dissenting voices that were not archived, but it was a classic Daniel forum with him doing at least 90% of the posting. He also attracted a conspiracy theorist, a Jehovah's Witnesses, and a racist who he only mildly disagreed with.

When someone points out that Brojed doesn't approve of his tactics and might even say he's going to hell. Daniel points out that he has the same feelings about Brojed. Even though he seemed to be great friends with him on his board until it ended abruptly about a year earlier.

He also advertises a a new blog but it must have been in a frame I couldn't access because he says its on the top of the page and I can't find it. If you can, please email me.

By this time, around 2005, the two to three years he had told him G-d himself said that it would take for the world were slipping away without his prophesies coming to pass. It is clear that at this point he is consumed with the internet and considers his squabbles there to be his mission from G-d. This 2005 post accuses him of making 70 prophesies in a single month.

Later that same year he posted defaming as many other campus preachers as he could think of, explaining that their troubles were all because they were not preaching the fullness of the Torah. He writes Yah has tolerated you guys long enough -- and He's sick of you. He's disgusted with you. He hates you. but does not seem to connect that his so-called golden years of Mariposa was when he took a break from screaming at people about the bible. This would not be the first time or last time he would publish heaven heaven and hell lists or arrogantly explain why other preachers and even other religions are all wrong.

The man who was supporting them in Missouri was verbally abusive to his wife, but that didn't seem to bother him until he found pornography on his computer. He called the children's grandparents and got 500 from each set to get back to Portland. He says he just called them and asked that they pray for him. Several times in his own account Daniel rebukes his parents and tells Annika she cannot speak to hers because they are sinners, I guess at this point they were living in Torah. A friend helped him get a driving job before he even left for Portland. Once again he praises G-d for the efforts of others to keep afloat, he never once in his book shows an attitude of gratefulness to the people who help him.

He had again secured free housing for his family, but it was filthy. He tried to buy a house, even posted he already had it, and when that fell through his wife's parents helped again. Annika's grandparents instead put us in a very luxurious 3 bedroom apartment in Vancouver, Washington, just north of Portland. They were willing to cover our rent, while we got on our feet.

He admits she was scared but convinced his wife to deliver their 4th child without a midwife. I am struck with awe as to why they lost this living arrangement.

Little 4thBornGirl legs were looking very purplish and she was crying non-stop. Crying out to YahShua for an answer, I immediately received revelation. I told Annika to mix some purified water with some trace mineral powder that we had. As 4thBornGirl began drinking this, the legs returned to normal within about 5 minutes. I was rejoicing at this healing mini-miracle!

But Annika's grandparents were not happy at all. Her grandfather sent me an email, asking us to take 4thBornGirl to the doctor for a check up. I responded that we didn#39t need a doctor, that Yah had given us revelation and that it had worked.

The sudden disagreement resulted in Annika's grandfather refusing to continue to pay our rent for the apartment we had been living in.

So just to review, his father-in-law has offered a lot of support. By his own account this man reconciles with him for eloping with his daughter, several times telling her that she couldn't speak to them, and probably helps out financially more times than the 3 mentioned in his own self-serving autobiography. He buys them a car after they declare bankruptcy, sends money for him to come back to Portland, and when he doesn't like the free housing he found there put him up in what he described as "a very luxurious 3 bedroom apartment." Instead of taking his child to the doctor when most would agree she needed one, he allowed his family to be uprooted again and moved them into a tent where they lived for about a month.

Soon after his family moved into the apartment Daniel's driving job started hurting his back. Some may think that he may have to support his family anyway, but he quits his job. His family facing eviction soonafter, he mentions that he gets something from his car insurance to get by until he finds another telemarketing gig. There must have been an accident he didn't mention. About this time he also finds and starts to support Ron Paul, who it appears to be the common link between him and most of his youtube followers.

It was about this time that DHS got into his life. His autobiography and a youtube video he made at the time differ on why this happened. Here's his autobiography first..

In the early winter of 2008, I got into a very bitter argument with my wife of nearly a decade. The argument resulted in her departing the house with our youngest baby, leaving me with our four oldest children. A few days later, I had to get to work and had been unable to find a babysitter for the children. My oldest was only 7 at the time. Not thinking clearly, and still very angry with my wife, I set the children up with food for the day, locked the doors and left them home alone.

This resulted in DHS -- the Department of Human Resources -- stepping into our lives. My wife actually returned home about 15 minutes after I left for work. She was accompanied by her uncle. Her uncle was justifiably upset with me leaving the children home alone, and called the authorities. Though my wife and I would begin to reconcile over the next few days, it was too late. DHS knocked on our door later that week and slapped down an ultimatum: either I live in a separate place from my wife and children while they investigate me, or they would forcibly remove our children.

This is noticeably different from what he said in video recorded right after it happened.
Greetings youtube, My name is Daniel, Known as Dnajlion7, I would like to share with you, A Personal Story, In The Hopes Of, Inspiring More Ron Paul Support, On 1/17/2008, An anonymous phone call, falsely reported a disturbance, in my home, while I was at work, child services came to our door, the state informed my wife, she and the children had to leave, the state declared, I am not allowed, to see my wife and children, for 30-60 days, until the state decides, I am not a danger to my family, the state has forcibly ripped my family, from me, Youtube, here is my family (he then shows pictures of his kids) Here is my family, supporting Ron Paul (pictures of his kids standing out in the cold with signs) Please support Ron Paul, Donate and Vote for Ron Paul, And hopefully, when he restrains the federal government, this will lead, to restrained state government, Because here in the state of Oregon, The state is wildly out of control, please vote for Ron Paul, so families like mine, can stay together (remix of pics from before) though there is no evidence, of any abuse, on my precious children, though my wife, insists she feels safe around me, the state of Oregon does not care, the State of Oregon must decide, When I am fit to see my family, Financially, it makes no sense, while I make 60k a year, the state has handed my wife, food stamps, using tac payer money, placing them in a hotel, though I have all the money, to comfortably support my family, this country, desperately needs Ron Paul, and now for me, ron paul becoming president, has become personal, the state has temporarily, stolen my family, and my personal stakes in this campaign, are as high as they can be, let some good be born, from my tragedy, let my story, inspire yo to fight, for rail paul, I could use some encouragement, call me at LISTS #, if you can lift my spirits, as I have hoped, to inspire you, Ron Paul took 2nd in Nevada, lets win this thing.. (pictures of Ron Paul, constitution.) Here's to freedom.
Like a great deal of his accounts of his life that he has posted online, those two stories are mutually exclusive. They simply can't both be true unless he failed to mention that he lost and regained his children twice in the same month. Almost immediately after his children were taken 3 years ago he starts telling us on various online postings that G-d is assuring him they will be returned to him swiftly.

Daniel thought his kids were taken because the government is corrupt and tried to get a new president elected rather than paying a $59 fee for a class. This man, like me, observed the family while preaching and thought Daniel was abusive.
When the state takes his family, they tell him he has to take some parenting classes and instead he focuses on fixing his problem through an election two years away. He can't see the trees of keeping his family together through the forest of his own pride and the world political scene. He makes it clear that his own pride and inflexibility comes long before his family and his wife understandably leaves him. With his constant references to women staying barefoot and pregnant, but bragging that his wife was supporting him, asking other women to marry him in chartrooms while they were married and being online a half hour after his child was born I'm surprised she stayed with him a week. He slanders his wife's name for years after the divorce and makes it very clear that in his mind she has no right to leave him.

He compares his problems, which he admits just a few paragraphs before were only compounded by his own inability to bow to the authority of the state, to Jesus on the cross. I couldn't write it better myself if I wanted to, its the last 5 paragraphs of Chapter 2 of his autobiography.

His ex-wife has a restraining order, and he sends a letter to his mom asking her to send it to her. He does 60 days in jail and makes it sound like he started a revival there. An abandoned myspace blog from that time period describes how he is still not co-operating with DHS.

Frustrations continue with DHS. This time the Men's Resource Center proved their idiocy. Though they told me my meeting started at 6pm and even wrote the time out, when I arrived, the lady told me it started at 5pm and I'd have to come back next week. Screw that! I've waited 3 weeks for these stupid classes and now, another week? Well, she also explained to me each class costs $59 and there is no way I'm gonna pay that type of money for a stupid class I don't even believe I need.
He says he agreed to a divorce with no visitation because he thought his wife would get back with him and files a number of clumsy motions in court to get visitation with his children. With them having marital assets I'm not sure what his priority was in the divorce or what he thought she meant by filing it.

Cut off from my children, I would now need to go through the long process of filing court hearings just so that I could be able to see them. When Annika had divorced me, I had not considered custody to be a high priority because I was certain that we were eventually going to work things out and custody would become a moot point. I knew the task was going to be even harder now that I had this arrest on my record for violating the restraining order.

I can't find much else about his activities in the next year of 2009. His website only mentions some internet drama occurring, and that can easily be found by interested parties in google. Basically he lost his temper online and got blocked from several sites, he mentions he getting blocked from Jed Smock's page ten times. Him coming back so many times is a testimony to how important this man and internet forums in general are to him. Also during that time he claimed to heal a pagan.

My unconfirmed email sources say it was about this time he started looking for a girlfriend. I've heard reports of him being on phone sex lines and gotten screenshots of him on a lot of less savory online dating services than this ad on a Christian site. I've read claims that he proposed to a half dozen women, one the day he met her at a Messianic conference. He also advertised on Jed Smock's Board that he wanted a wife and posted a few days later that he found her. I have received unconfirmable emailed reports of him being on several non-Christian dating sites and even phone sex hotlines.

It seems that the pain from loosing his family might have humbled him a bit, but didn't last long enough to actually change him. He posted this letter on Jed Smock's board in October of 2008 and also emailed it to about 50 people, several of which forwarded it to me.

Posted by anon on [01 May 2009 07:12PM]

In Reply to: Daniel posted by --- ---- on [30 Apr 2009 07:04PM]

Dear all,

I wanted to let everyone know that I have, over this past year, utterly failed my family. In a wrong spirit, I spanked my wife with a wooden spoon which caused DHS to separate me from my wife and children. This spirit of violence and lust has no room in the heart of a believer. I sent videos out, acting is if I was still behaving with righteousness, and all the while I was playing the part of a hypocrite. I want to ask for your forgiveness.


I can't find any of his other "repentances," just claims that he has been sinless for 10 years including this time, but here is someone pointing out this was not the first apology from him and they wanted to see him change not just apologize. Only ten days later he was back to his haughty self, people posted genuine concern for him and he replied, in part, with this..

I cannot wait to wash my feet in your blood. I cannot wait to be used by Yah to render fury and judgment and fiery vengeance on all your pathetic, Torahless and ungodly souls.

I cannot wait to see the expression on your terrified faces when I return with Messiah, my eyes lit with fire, as I am given the honor of plunging my words into your souls, spilling your blood and tossing you into the Lake of Fire. THIS HONOR HATH ALL THE SAINTS.

I absolutely lust and hunger for your blood.

And, of course, this. He literally posted this hundreds of times on facebook as if the people he was talking to online who do not beat their wives and give false prophecies are not afforded the same protections.

No weapon that is formed against me, Daniel Lee, shall prosper. Every tongue that shall rise up against me, Daniel Lee, in judgment, YHVH shalt condemn.

This is my hertiage, for I am a servant of YHVH, and my righteousness is of YHVH!

There is only one other time that he ever seemed to admit that he was at all at fault for any of his troubles. Towards the end of his book, after a few quick quips of what he was up to over the years, he realized for just a second that his wife had every right to leave him. He later raged at his second wife for leaving him for racking up felonies on their honeymoon, but after reflecting on his marriage he said this.

Blinking my eyes, I briefly reviewed the thoughts that had just tumbled through my head. So many times Annika had supported me, had loved me, had been there for me. Could I truly shut the door on not only our marriage, but her eventual salvation?

She had been through more than most wives, and maybe this was Yah"s way of teaching me not only a deeper understanding of love, but also patience. More importantly, that love was patience personified.


Perhaps, it was not just Annika who needed to change.

Perhaps I did as well.

I can only assume that was when he started to take some personal responsibility for what happened and started cooperating with the state and DHS. The next chapter talks about his joy of being reunited with and being able to visit his children. About that same time he went back to street preaching.

In 2008, when I lost my x-wife and children, severely beaten down and struggling, I once again chose to hide my apostleship.
No more.

Thus saith YahShua who is Yahweh manifest in the flesh.

I am an apostle. Paul said apostles are made to be a spectacle to angels and men, often mocked and beaten and made fun of. This certainly happens in my life. Apostles do signs and wonders. I do this in my life, more often in the area of the gift of healing with my friends and family. Apostles stand for the Truth and proclaim the Torah and are filled with the Spirit. Apostles often have words not just for individuals, but whole groups of people. This certainly describes my ministry.

I don't know if this is the case, what I've read about the apostles doesn't seem to mention them being mocked and my intensive study of his story has not yielded any healing at all. He seemed to want to do this so badly he made his family homeless rather than taking his child or a doctor. Not doing an invasive or possibly objectionable medical procedure, but he didn't want to take her to the doctor at all. I wouldn't be surprised if a quick search could find information about how he had "healed," his daughter and the stubbornness was just to get more weak evidence for his claims at the expense of his family's housing and worse possibly his own daughter's health.

Looking through his posts it doesn't appear as if he ever stopped calling himself an apostle, but I guess he meant he was going back to claiming himself as such in public.

Here is his preaching report from the day the video above was taken. Its understandable that he misquotes himself a bit on what he said after the students mock bowed to him, but looking at the video the crowd size and demeanor doesn't seem to match what he's claiming in the report.

Here is how he describes his interaction with "Lisa the Lesbian," in his preaching report.

Lisa the Lesbian was out and although she found a few things she disagreed, again the Spirit of Yah sobered her, and she listened to much scripture. I told her Yah would use her powerfully when she surrendered all to Him. Keep praying for her. SHE IS SO CLOSE TO THE KINGDOM.
Compare this to what is shown in the first video from 1:26 to 1:59. Here's my best try at a transcript of the interaction.

Lisa- unintelligible - "walk away" - unintelligible - "watch him" - unintelligible - "ignorance - and all we are doing is giving him, um, uh, and ability to come back like he thinking does have something to say. "(turns to him) "They're all just laughing at you!"

Daniel-"Whaddaya say Yahweh wants you to come into his kingdom. You're very close."

Lisa (unintelligible, doesn't sound at all like she's sold) "You're very sad!"

Daniel- "Yahweh wants you to come into his kingdom. You're very close. Yahweh wants you in his kingdom Lisa because you have good things and qualities that he has given you so you can be a pious warrior princess for Yahweh. "

Lisa, shuffles feet nervously, unintelligible speech over Daniels rantings, something like "I think its best if we just try not to talk to him."

Marcus, his main heckler, retakes the crowds attention except for a moment where Daniel admonishes lesbians and Marcus identifies her as such and gives her a hug. He mocks Daniel through a chorus of laughter as he admits he's not the smartest person but he loves his daddy. It's pretty sad actually to wonder if he really is so out of it he thought Lisa was close to converting, or if he was just spicing it up a bit trying to get donations.

It was not long after these videos were taken that he stopped publicly preaching and moved his entire "ministry" to the internet. It doesn't take much looking to see that he was spending a lot of time online exalting his own efforts and trying to find financial supporters.

By this time Daniel had already declared the end of the world was coming three times and the timeframes he had given, 3 years, had already passed. He learned that giving doomsday prophesies was a way to get attention, but he decided to put a longer lead-up on his newest one, instead of 3 years this time his prophecy was happening 6. I would really like to meet him someday and ask him how he reconciles all this. He posted this all over the internet, spamming it on dozens of people's facebook pages, and its still on the main page of

screenshot of him spamming his prophecy
Thus saith Yahweh!!!!!!

1. YahShua RETURNS for His Bride on Sept 20th - 21st 2017 (Yom Teruach)
2. Two witnesses begin 1260 day ministry Apr 10,2014 (Lamb Day)
3. 2300 days in Daniel begin June 5, 2011 (7 days before Shavuot)
4. The US dollar will completely collapse before end of 2011
THUS SAITH YAHWEH!!!!!!!!!!!!! Even YahShua who is Yahweh manifest in the FLESH!!!!!

It was about this time that he met and gained fellowship with a Canadian woman who FLEW HIM TO HER HOUSE FOR PASSOVER and I later found out when they had a falling out supported him over the year as he got first supervised and then unsupervised visitation with his children.

He didn't give an explanation to why he stopped preaching regularly shortly after these videos were posted. He posted preaching reports for about another month, then he said he was taking a week off and launched a new forum. He then only preached twice in the two months and then once nine months after that. Pretty much everyone I've talked to at PSU agrees that he is gone because he doesn't want to be filmed anymore. If there's one good thing about Daniel its that he's an optimist, here he is trying to make the best of his new seclusion.

It was clear that he was moving his so-called ministry online. He added several facebook friends every day but his numbers were still plummeting. He referred to his facebook friends as his "congregation," and seemed to enjoy the authority of kicking them off his page, usually telling people that they would go to hell as he did. Its kind of ironic that he chose this banner for the top of his webpage as he was constantly making lists of who was going to HEAVEN AND HELL.

Here is a prophetic word for his own family, followed by just a tiny taste of what he tells everyone else.

So no man can shut the door, but he seems to have made a full time job of it. Its clear that his delusions of grander at times lead him to believe he is above all us common mortal sinners.

Here are just a few quick examples of Daniel claiming to be holy, sinless, and a prophet.

Here is is in one of the two instances I noticed him refer
to himself as "Yashua Afresh." What does he mean by this?

And here he is backtracking on these claims.

But later claiming that he talks to G-d every day.

He compares his well-deserved divorce plight to Jesus being crucified in Chapter 2 of his autobiography.

Many times he said that Yah was assuring him he would get his children in court and this would happen very soon starting in 2009 and continuing to his most recent posts before he went to jail. He said this would happen very soon, starting when the divorce was finalized. Here's just a few examples.

Just as he was getting unsupervised visitation of his children he asked a woman he knew only online to marry him. Its clear that she was not too sure at first and he asks people on his facebook wall about this in these posts just a few hours apart.

As soon as she accepted he immediately started posting on his children's facebook walls about how they had a new mom they were coming to live with very soon and that they would forget about the old mom. As far as I can tell he had not yet even met this woman.

It was about this time that he started posting on his own wall, and his eldest 2 sons' (as far as I can tell the only ones with facebook) that he was going to crush his ex wife in court.

At this point, he was still claiming that G-d was going to give him his children in court, as he had been for 3 years.

About a month after he started getting visitation he sent his wife sent him an email asking him to stop preaching to the children. You'd think with even the oldest at 10 being well under the age of responsibility he could hold off on the preaching at least until the next court date which was only a month away and find something else to do with his children.

My xwife began sending me emails, threatening to cut me off from the children unless I agreed to stop reading the children the Bible and to stop singing praise songs with them. Rather than responding to the ridiculous emails, I forwarded them to the judge.
I'm pretty sure I read somewhere that he did respond and if I find this again I will post it here.

He could not bend, even a little, to spend time with them even as others told him it was obvious he was choosing the Torah over his children.

It was at this point, Bogdan and Anca hired an attorney for me.

The attorrney gladly took the case, sharpening his legal prowess to devour my xwife, but when the lawyer told me that I would have to possibly agree to never teach my children Torah in order to see them again, I flew into a rage. He spoke from the same black spirit that had filled my xwife.

When I rebuked the attorney, he resigned. Anca and Bogdan, very grieved with me, distanced themselves. Friends of my ministry back to false accuse me. I felt so alone.

I doubt the attorney told him he couldn't teach his children about the bible, but rather that he would have to refrain from telling them that their mother was going to hell. Later in the same chapter he added Though my attorney had resigned, I knew Yah was with me. He would defend me in court. Yah Himself would be my lawyer. and in the very next chapter proceeded to leave the state to escape court.

As soon as he got out of jail his threats to his ex-wife got more explicit. He didn't tell us the reason why right away, but his plans to get his children suddenly shifted from a court victory to something else. He built up suspense while he was looking for an answer and finally said an earthquake was going to kill his ex-wife and then he would come get his children.

It was about this time that his new fiance understandably started to doubt things. It looks like she was informed of how many others he had proposed to. They very quickly reconciled. Its important to note that despite several published admissions and confessions he had been claiming to be sinless for a decade up until about this point; he fell silent on the issue for 2 months and then started to claim he was sinless for 60 days.

On Christmas Day his ex wife said the children where sick and cancelled visitation. Its reasonable that they claimed to be sick so they could avoid their father who was clearly loosing touch with reality more every day, but he went to her house to try to get them anyway. This was a violation of the restraining order and his wife called the police and tried to get him arrested. He posted about this on his children's facebook wall about this.

With his hostile attitude about Christmas, I wouldn't be at all surprised if the kids faked sickness to spend time with their mother instead of hearing him rail about everyone else going to hell all day.

The following week's visitation feel on New Year's Eve and the children were again, and in my opinion very understandably, sick. There may have been an actual physical illness or they may have just been sickened by the idea that they should accept this woman that their dad hadn't even met yet as their mother, but either way they weren't making it to the visit. Daniel called the police again, but this time they did arrest him for violating the restraining order by being in front of his ex wife's house. It seems he had been warned about this before, as he posted how glad he was that his ex wasn't able to send him to jail the week before.

His account of what happened to him in jail is very overflowing with reasonable doubts, here's a few highlights.
The police were so angry that I answered my cell phone, that they began tazering me multiple times. I have 3 huge bloody scars on my stomach from the dozens of times they tazered me.

Then Yahweh told me to resist the arrest. I began to preach at these police officers -- " You are not only violating the Torah of Moshe, and you are not only violating the Constitution of the United States, but you are violating the court order from a judge in this county!" Why would G-d tell you to resist the arrest? No good whatsoever came out of you doing this.

I began to preach out Malachi where it talks about the hearts of the fathers turning to the children and the hearts of the children turning to the fathers. I told the police that Yah would smite them for violating that scripture. I'm starting to wonder if you've ever been tazed, or felt any significant physical pain for that matter. You cannot form a coherent sentence while being tazed, let alone have a conversation about the gospel. I'm not crying liar yet, maybe the tazer damaged your memory of the event.

Yah gave me supernatural strength, and I was easily able to absorb the tazers and continue to preach, while stiffening my limbs making it impossible for the police to hand cuff me.

About 12-15 officers wound up coming to Annika's house, all of them trying to overpower me. I kept rebuking them by the Blood of YahShua and kept preaching.

Do you really think this did any good? Did the cops who were barbecuing you convert?

Then, as they dragged me on the pavement, I cried out my children's names, (--all the children's names, 17 syllables --) I LOVE YOU!!!!!!! I LOVE YOU!!! Way to go, Dad. Throw on a guilt trip and a spectacle to embarrass them. I'm glad I don't believe you that there is just simply no way you could shout out 17 syllables right after being tazed.

The neighborhood resounded with my cry.

He was charged with resisting arrest, contempt of court, and violating a restraining order. For such minor charges he would have been out in a day or two, but instead his supporters bailed him out. I guess that voice in his head he claims is G-d hadn't told him yet that he was going to skip his court date and soak his supporters for $15,000. Either that or he just couldn't hear it over the voice from his mouth sobbing like a little girl and begging to be let out of jail.

I think he did sob like a little girl, he said they kept him in solitary for the whole time. If he was strong he could have saved a few souls in the general population instead of annoying the guards. He couldn't get ahold of himself because he had prophesied before that he wasn't going to jail again, I just don't have screenshots. Unlike his OTHER PROPHECIES GONE AWRY it wasn't something he could say just hasn't happened yet, and maybe he realized that it had been 6 years since he issued conflicting prophesies both promising the end of the world in 3 years.

As he got out of jail he seemed to make a full time job of making new enemies. This very good blog about him was written by someone who helped bailed him out of jail who realized that he was crazy and dangerous.

He started posting more and more about the world ending in 2017 and published an article about head coverings, insisting that everyone should wear them all the time though he himself had said before that they were only worn in times of mourning. He woke up in the middle of the night to write a list of all the other Torah Roots teachers and why they "FAILED THE TEST," mostly because they weren't wearing the right clothing in the exact same way he did or they used hotels on sabbath. He failed to mention how he hadn't always worn the correct garb himself and for months had been living in a hotel, even on sabbath. He also writes several articles trying to defend his recent behavior, all on his main page.

By this time his posts on their pages were getting more and more threatening and I wish this was the worst of it, this is just what I have screen shots of. The copied and pasted text is from this blog.

Good news (oldest son) and shabbat Shalom!!!! Yahshua has told me that He is going to destroy mamma's attorney, He is going to destroy mamma, and He will destroy every single person that prevents me from being with you. Once all these people are destroyed, then you and all your brothers and sisters will be able to live with me! HALLALUYAH!!! It will happen very soon so be encouraged!!! Yahshua bless you on this shabbat shalom! January 14 at 10:38pm

(OldestSon), Mamma does not realize how much I love you and the other 5 children. Love never fails. Mamma forgot what love is and does not understand love anymore. This is why she will fail, and I will win. You will live with me and your new mother, Flor Lopez Lee, who loves Yahshua, like mamma used to do a long time ago. I know it is sad, but soon you will forget mamma and move on. Tuesday at 6:12am

He posted on his son's facebook pages for two solid months that their mother, grandparents, aunts and uncles were going to hell, but suddenly realized that talking down to a child about one of their parents was wrong when he suspected it went the other way around. I am not able to confirm the reports that Daniel had visited a prostitute. This excerpt is from Jame's blog, a letter he sent to many people saying he wanted to depose his children in a court date that he later skipped.

I am sure Judge Evie Miller will not be pleased to learn Annika Lee has loudly proclaimed to minor children that their father has sex with hundreds of whores, espeically in light of the fact that I have never solicited a prostitute in my entire life.
One of my sources, the one who sent the screenshots that were copied and pasted onto Word, has proved to me they are very close to the case by sending this scan of the wedding invitation. They also pointed out to me that Daniel rebukes others for using the star of David which he has declared pagan.

He asked for money from his facebook friends they day he mailed out the invitation with the haughty pride that only he uses when asking for money.

He ended up getting married two weeks before he planned. The following two screenshots are from the day after his wedding and about a week after he posted the request for tithes.

Less than a year before he severed all ties with a man for asking for tithes too much. I guess its okay to ask for tithes if due to your own lack of planning you are penniless, but if you have any assets at all you can't attempt to gather any tithes that might otherwise fall on Daniel's lap.

It has become very clear to me that Yacov Levi is driven only by money and greed.

Yacov Levi has PLENTY of assets -- such as 5 trailers. Yet rather than selling one of these to free up funds, he tries to solicit money every chance he gets to be in the ministry.

I am hereby severing all assocations with Yakov Levi.

People kept on asking him to justify his expanding name from Preacher Dan to the Holy Apostle and Prophet Daniel Yochanon Lee. The day before his courtdate he cranked out this article which probably supported many of his friend's belief that he is a farce, a joke. I have gotten emails from people telling me to calm down because Daniel is just kidding, he's an atheist parodying and making fun of Christians. I have to show them the news links and then they still usually don't believe.


Prophecies of Apostle Daniel by Apostle Daniel Yochanon Lee Reactions by a sane observer

To prove I am not a false prophet, here are some of the prophecies I have made over the past decade that have come to pass: Wow, what a setup! These are the best of his prophecies from the last decade! These should be good.. right?

1. I prophecied that a man named Paul deParrie would be struck down by Yah at a time and hour he knew not. This was in 2001. In 2006, in his early 50's, he suddenly died of a heart attack. With so many you've cursed its not surprising that one of them has died by now. Everybody dies, most at an hour they know not. This one would be better if you left out that he was over 50 when it happened 5 years later.

2. I prophecied in late 2006 that my xwife would commit adultery against me. She asked how she could avoid this, and I told her to just keep her heart close to Yah. She rejected this and she comitted adultery against me a few years later, foresaking the marriage. You were really abusive to your wife and you guessed she might someday move on? Maybe when you figured this out you should have put extra effort into the marriage?

3. I prophecied that the Saints would win the superbowl last year a full week before the superbowl. This would be a prophetic picture of 2010. The Saints won. This was the only year that we didn't have a pool in my office because so few people thought the saints would win. Even if this weren't the case, its a 50-50 shot.

4. I prophecied the Spirit of Elijah would overcome the spirit of jezebel in Portland, Oregon and that is certainly coming to pass. How exactly is that? I bet you can't name another adult in Portland who you don't think is going to hell. How does this fit in with your Earthquake Prophecy?

5. I prophecied in early 2010 that MAJOR global events would mark every major Jewish holiday on the REAL calendar in 2010, and that is EXACTLY what happened. There has not been one day in the history of newscasting that the anchorman has just said "nothing really happened today." Its a big world and there's always something going on that can be interpreted as a major world event. Take any date and plug it into google and you can find out what major world events happened that day.

It is obvious I am a TRUE prophet!!! This is why I've gotten 10 EMAILS telling me to calm down because you are just a fictional character doing a parody of campus preacher! This is so ridiculous people don't even think you are real!

Apostle Daniel Looks like you subconsciously realized how sad these are and decided to drop Holy and Prophet for now, but kept the MIDDLE NAME.

Facebook Congregation's Reaction

Surprisingly, not everyone was in awe.
Is he really that unable to detect sarcasm?
More doubters.. Why won't he rebuke with Yah?

I can understand thyme not believing in him because they don't have the whole story. They didn't hear about his healings, his wife's headache, a backache and a 'pagan' with liver failure who got better and better and better then he forgot to update us (when she likely died!)

I've gotten many emails that he sent out to masses of people that he sent to his and his ex-wife's attorney, and he did a lot of posting about his case online on his facebook. Here's what I found.

He decided those threats weren't enough, so he went ahead and posted this to his wall.

A few people on facebook declared that he was being bold in the name of Yah, others pleaded with him to be peaceful, but to his dismay he was still in hot water with the law so he had to step it up a bit.

Of course he just swore out a clerk, and if she even bothered to write it down it didn't help his case, but for some reason he thought he really accomplished something. Shortly after he sent and posted vaguely threatening letters to the DA, whose name he never bothered to google, and 2 judges by name. I can only assume one was handling his custody situation and the other was handling the restraining order violation. He posted all of these on his facebook page. At the moment I can just find a few of these, I'd really appreciate being emailed the rest.

Dear Judge Evie Miller,

Greetings in the Matchless Love of YahShua!

Due to you allowing annika lee to continue another month in contempt of court and due to you refusing to enforce your own court order and due to you refusing to allow my children to attend my wedding on 1/30/2011, I am going to now prophecy against you in the Name and Authority and Blood of YahShua of Nazareth --

You, Judge Evie Miller, are WICKED! You refuse to reunite me with my children, and you refuse to even enforce your own court orders. You ar hereby STRIPPED of your authority. Your robe is stripped from you! I, Daniel Yochanon Lee, no longer recognize you as an authority in my life. Yahweh is my judge. All orders you have issued are hereby null and void. I will NEVER step foot in your mockery of a court room again.

Yahweh is going to severely rebuke you, until you either repent and love Him or you perish in the lake of fire forever. I hope and pray you find salvation.

As for my 6 children -- I am going to pray and seek Yah. Yah has shown me that sometime soon He is going to send a huge earthquake to Portland, which will allow me to literally walk into my x-wife's crumbled home and take my children for myself as Malachi 4 commands I do.

You had better repenet quickly, because you, Judge Evie Miller, may not survive this earthquake. I know my xwife and her family will not. But my children will. And then they will live with me and my new wife.

Yah rebuke you, you foul and wicked woman!

In YahShua and by His Torah,
Apostle Daniel Yochanon Lee

I was only able to find the letter to the District Attorney, whose name he did not bother to google, on this crime blog but it looks just like the one I remember reading on his facebook.

"Dear District Attorney of clackamas county,I DEMANDS you to dismiss ALL charges against me IMMEDIATELY.Failure to do so, will result in Yahweh smiting you to death well before you were appointed to die. It will also result in your eternal torment in the lake of fire. I will NOT be attending the court date of 1/26/2011 nor will I be attending my arraingment on 2/1/2011 as the Clackamkas County Court system is NULL AND VOID and does not uphold Yahweh, His Torah or even the Constitution of the USA which you were all sword to uphold. I know longer recognize the Clackamas County Court system as having any authority.If you issue a warrant for my arrest or have any judge do so, you and the said judge will be destroyed by Yahweh. Any police man or sherrif you send to my home to arrest me will also be destroyed."

The letter to the circuit court judge, who I can only assume was the one handling his restraining order violation, told her to drop all charges against him or face eternal consequences. One would think that if it was all just a mistake like he claimed in his story he could have easily just explained himself in court, but he instead had to send nasty letters to the judges and DAs who would decide his fate.

He bragged that he publicly preached right after his missed court date and was even carded but not then arrested. I agree that this was a miracle from G-d, both in that it takes time to get a warrant in the system and that he had not yet racked up as many felonies as he would have if he were arrested then.

I imagine this was a very sad day for his new wife, who likely imagined him as a mighty orator. He posted how proud he was for her defending him from hypocrites and that he would post a preach report from that day, but he never got around to it. To my knowledge this was the last time he would preach publicly.

His supporters bailed him out for $1,500, but when he didn't go to court they were on the hook for $15,000. This understandably caused some strife between them. Legend has it this Canadian couple supported Daniel for almost a year, sending him at least a thousand dollars a month, starting when they flew him out to show them how to celebrate passover. One unconfirmed source said he lived most of that time at the Extended Stay Suites. One would think a prophet would seek out less expensive accommodations so he would have more left over to help the poor, but I guess he likes having someone else change his sheets, even on shabbat, or he was unable to get into an apartment even with rich backers. Here is his commentary about rebuking them despite their generous support.

They say a good tree makes good fruit, a bad tree bad fruit. If his ministry is not supporting him, why does he not seek out another kind of job? Many people spread the word of G-d and don't expect the general public to support them for their efforts.

He put out a number of articles trying to spin things to look like he did nothing wrong. I addressed in a separate page on the top under Repentance. With his longtime supporters wavering, he also redoubled his efforts to find supporters.

He posted on facebook that he was on America's most wanted, when this was not the case. He was actually just mentioned in a number of very small news articles that mentioned he was wanted for missing his court date and the threats he had made to public officials. His bail was doubled to $300,000 but his charges did not seem to reflect what he had done, contempt of court was added to his original charges of violating a restringing order and resisting arrest.

He claims he did nothing wrong and if that were the case there wouldn't be much more to this story. He says that G-d himself told him to send "prophesies" to the judges involved in his bail and the family court judge, and the Clackamas County DA who he didn't bother to look the name of up for some reason. All 3 letters had the basic message of "drop all charges or you will go to hell," there was no gospel or good news here.

He also said he would not go to court, or jail, ever again, and that this was a "prophetic word directly from Yahweh."

Thus saith Yahweh -- I WILL NEVER GO TO JAIL.

If he had just faced the music, even acting as his own attorney or having Yah defend him as he has stated in his autobiography, he was only at this point facing minor charges. He was also doing everything he could to alienate himself from his few remaining followers.

Its reasonable that he would be so clear about that. His former supporters started digging into his history and finding some things that were very hard to explain. Here's a few examples.

Sometime in 2006 or early 07 he cooked up another doomsday prophecy that directly conflicted with one he came up with in 2010. He justified this by saying that he never said that Yahweh told him these things, but it looks like he intended that to be the message at the time. Here's the truncated version, click on it to see the whole thing. I've added underlines as emphasis to the parts where he said this was from G-d. This prophecy is considerably wordy, so my attempts to shorten it are in Gold and the verbatim parts are in red and black. Click on the red or black to see the whole thing.

2007: The Year of Heaven

The following prophecy for this year is being confirmed by Yah in many ways. ...YHVH's will shall be accomplished on earth as it is in Heaven during 2007 in ways that men have not seen in all of earth's history... A Global Reformation the likes of which has never been seen before will BEGIN this year. At first, it will begin very small but intense, burning brightly from Portland, Oregon. The fire will BEGIN this year ... (uneducated, childish understandings of previous revivals)...

1. Signs and wonders FAR GREATER AND FAR MORE NUMEROUS than the Book of Acts

...2-7 Everyone will start clinging to his brand of religion, Torah will be magnified to sinners and Christians alike, Israel will declare itself Yashua's bride and Israelis as well as the rest of the world will flock in droves to his belief system, the cultural change will effect the mass media...

8. This 3rd Great Awakening only BEGINS "with but a little strength" in 2007 but will burn brighter and brighter year after year -- for the next several years. How long? I do not know. At least until 2024, maybe longer.

Savuot -- Pentecost -- one of the 3 Great Hebrew Feasts commanded in the Scriptures -- will be MAGNIFIED in the "church world" and be the GATEWAY for many Christians to join unto Torah and enter the 12 Tribes of Israel.

...Nothing and no one will be able to stop this Reformation, first will be last and last will be first, those who don't obey Torah will crumble to dust, but still watch as a spectator or hostile enemy, the religious world will divide into the dust naysayers and those who embrase Torah, the bride will be ready for the events in reevaluations...

Faithfully delivered as YahShua the Messiah is dictating.
Love in YahShua and by His Precious Torah, Apostle Daniel Yochanon Lee

A man who once bailed him out of jail noticed that these two prophesies cannot both be true, here is his proof on his blog.

1. YahShua RETURNS for His Bride on Sept 20th - 21st 2017 (Yom Teruach) is found at

8. This 3rd Great Awakening only BEGINS "with but a little strength" in 2007 but will burn brighter and brighter year after year for the next several years. How long? I do not know. At least until 2024, maybe longer.
He defends himself by saying that he never said it was a prophecy. The underlined portions, where he said it was "confirmed by Yah in many ways," and closing with "faithfully delivered as Yahshua the Messiah Dictates," were apparently his way of saying "I think this might happen." In the future if we are reading Daniel's prophecies, we must check every single point to make sure he specifies that it is a "thus saith Yashua," because I guess he likes to throw random ponderings in with what he claims to be G-ds words to him.

Yes, several years ago, I thought that we had at least until 2027 but I NEVER said a thus saith Yahweh on the 2027 date. Never.

I do and have many times said thus saith Yahweh on the 2017 date!

So, no, once again you hypocrites fail to expose me at all.

He was about ready to raise the bar. With a half dozen unfulfilled prophecies and multiple online proofs of him lying about being sinless, it was now time for him to add to the holy bible. I just couldn't believe it. Out of everything he has done, this is the most shocking to be by far.
Listen very clearly. Acts 15 was written about 1950 years ago. IT is now time for me, Apostle Daniel Yochanon Lee, to add to Acts 15. Yes, I am going to add to scripture and the Words Yah has given me have equal weight to scripture.

In Acts 15, the Jerusalem Council decided through prayer that new Gentile converts were required to do 4 laws in Torah as a launching pad to begin their crash course into Torah observance.

These 4 Torah laws are STILL required today for new believers in the faith.

But, if you wish to be one of the 144,000 prophecied in Revelation, there are some ADDITIONAL requirements you MUST comply with -- He then proceeds to explain that you must follow the entire Torah and all the feasts and moons exactly as he does.

Had he not read the very last part of the bible? What kind of a haughty sonofabitch does not think this applies to HIM?

"For I testify to everyone who hears the words of the prophecy of this book: If anyone adds to these things, God will ad to him the plagues that are written in this book; and if anyone takes away from the words of the book of this prophecy, God shall take away his part from the Book of Life, from the holy city, and from the things that are written in this book." (Revelation 22:18-19)

Many of his articles were broken up into "trilogies," just as his books had very, very short chapters. I think the reason for this was so he'd feel he'd accomplished more, he didn't type about a page today.. he wrote a whole trilogy! Just as he did in many of his articles he said that he proved what he had just said in the next article.

In article #1 of this trilogy, I scripturally proved the qualities you MUST have, in order for Yah to select you as one of the 144,000.
I'm pretty sure this charges together are worth no more than 6 months. At this point he had sent veiled threats to government officials, eluded many times that he was planning to kidnap his children on facebook and recorded in a phone call saying he had done just that, and put increasingly threatening messages about his children's mother, and now their whole family, on his 11 year old son's facebook wall. I have no screenshots of the son's wall, it was taken down, but if anyone has them I would like them. I couldn't believe they weren't charging him for any of this, just the same misdemeanors he would have faced if he had simply not shown up to court and not threatened anyone.

Speaking of threats, I have separate sections about threats to his ex-wives, including many insinuations of kidnapping, and government officials. This is just the small percentage I was able to grab when it was obvious his page was going down but should be more than enough to put him away.

Not long after that Daniel was recorded talking to a friend about a plan to have thugs kidnap his children. The video is below, and I recognize his voice from his audiobooks. I called the number, it was his voice asking me to leave a message for his "ministry." He does not deny this on Facebook or anywhere else, but rather says repeatedly that he can't kidnap his kids because they are his kids per one of the most retarded biblical arguments I've ever heard. He says because you can't covet your neighbors donkey and you can't covet the wife, the wife is property like the donkey per the 10 commandments. I don't understand how the kids fit in but he feels they are by G-ds word his as well and has posted this repeatedly and is recorded saying this as well as that he is above the United State's laws below.

Daniel explains here that he is going to kidnap his kids and why, and I don't understand it, and I don't want to. I guess its fair to say at the end of the call after pleading with his then friend not to call the police he said it was all a joke. I think he hired thugs and waited for hours for the children who were never coming because the thugs just took the money.

transcript here

I simply could not understand why there were not serious warrants at this point, and there still aren't. He has posted many, many messages on facebook eluding to a plan to kidnap his children and no one in any part of law enforcement (FBI, NSA, Local PD.. NO ONE) is interested or can even tell me where to call. They can easily see where someone is using a phone or a computer from, isn't kidnapping a federal crime? I just don't get this and would really like it explained to me. When I tried to call the police, they said because I was not a party in the case they wouldn't do anything but I am assuming that the mother saw this video and tried to call the police? I wonder what they told her?

Did you forget Daniel was on his honeymoon? I almost had, but that was short lived. Even with what little information he gave on his new wife its easy to understand why. He never mentioned anything he liked about her except the material goods she got him. Someone left on my guestbook that there were never any photos because she wouldn't wear a head covering. It was not at all surprising to me that supporting a fugitive who was trying his hardest but can't even seem to get a felony warrant was not what his new wife had in mind. Seeing him preach in person had to be a disappointment as well, she fell emotionally for a man who had a suspicious following of shell accounts that liked his posts right after him and bought the holy apostle thing. He seemed to win every argument online by deleting and blocking people who asked questions he couldn't answer, but bragged how he liked having his wife defend him the one time he did preach with her. I knew there was trouble when he asked for donations so quickly after bragging of the new car and iphone he had just gotten. She had probably assumed that he got enough donations to cover most of at least his own living expenses, but for reasons I never caught wind of the mysterious Canadians were starting to withdraw their support just as they got together.

First I noticed that she had not mentioned her all day and after nightfall he admitted that she had left him. He posted several messages that he was grieving the 10 day marriage. He was nice, at first..

As long as he thought he had a chance of getting her back.
I was really starting to feel for him, it was obvious he was really hurting.

I saw a message on his facebook pleading with anyone who still had contact with the woman he had married a few weeks ago to ask her to call him. After his new wife left him he escalated his threats against his children's mother and went from insinuating to all but saying he was going to kidnap his children. He was offline for about a day or two, I am now pretty sure that was when he was heading up to Alaska. When he got online again he was mentioning constantly how much he was in Portland. This was a relief as I was worried he was going to take as many sinners as he could out with him at PSU.

I think he was warning his new wife when he started out with more graphic threats to his ex wife.

Here is his response when people plead with him to be peaceful, and he clarifies that he does not mean any kid of spiritual warfare. I find "Yah will use me to make war on them!" to be specifically disturbing. These comments are from the last two posts above.

If his claims that his arrest had been in error were correct, all he would have had to do was just go to court to clear this up. Instead, he I looked him up on the
warrant check site and noticed that his bail had doubled from $150,00 to $300,000 but he still had just more counts of the same lame charges, resisting arrest, which is usually dropped in a plea bargain, and contempt of court, which you can get for farting on the witness stand. The news stories varied in several critical who where when details but all said he would be extradited, but not what for.

After his new wife left him he escalated his threats against his children's mother and went from insinuating to all but saying he was going to kidnap his children. He was offline for about a day or two, then started reposting again, mentioning suspiciously much how he was in Portland. This was a relief as I was worried he was going to take as many sinners as he could out with him at PSU.

After about two weeks on the run it was clear that he was having a breakdown. His posts got angrier and angrier as he lost hope of reconciling with his ex wife. He posted over and over that she was fat and he wanted to wash his feet in her blood. He posted lists of people he thought were going to hell making it appear as if he thought as if his saying so would damn them. Included on this list were both of his ex wives, their families and church members, his own family and the Canadians who had supported him for the previous year. He was tapping the microphone almost begging for his facebook account to get turned off, and posted this on his website after it was. Someone removed this from the main page of his website but its still on the server and in google.

It was then starting to be clear that he was having problems with the people he had admitted were his main financial supporters. Looks like the funds may have been turned off.

There was one woman that always seemed to stand by him on facebook, so much so that I thought for sure she was just one of his many accounts. When I saw this, I knew he was in Alaska, where her profile said she lived, and that she saw him once and for all. Ironically, the charges this woman pressed were why he was eventually arrested.

I wish I would have kept the nauseating flirting on his public wall to contrast with what I am about to show you below. He had escaped jail for a long time by claiming his threats were prophecies, but it looked now as if he was running out of warm beds and wanted to go to jail.

Here's his parting words to her. I can't help but imagine when this was written he was in his last night in the hotel and had nothing left to loose. Looks almost like he was trying to get arrested, but it didn't work. He got arrested for harassing an Alaskan in Alaska the next day.

It was about this time that I noticed that the most common adjective by far used in his autobiography was race. He never says he was approached by a redhead, he always describes people either by being homosexual or by their race. Here is a screenshot of him publishing an article on his webpage about how much G-d hates his not-even-yet-ex wife.

Here's most of the rant, I wish I had the rest of it, but this is all I have. The nicks off the bottom are to keep the name of the friend I was chatting from from showing up on this page.

An email I received said that his last few posts promised that everything Torah Restoration Ministries had was going to be dedicated to tracking down Flor. I went to bed, but I'd like more screenshots of the last few posts if anyone has them. I got this email of the last few things he posted on facebook before he was arrested, and in much of it he forgot to mention that it was G-d, not him, threatening the woman he had married just weeks before. Its surprising after all these violent threats he occasionally throws in that she can still repent and come back.

It is my understanding that he has still not been charged with this because of careful wording of his violent rhetoric. If I were to say, I am going to kill Ozzy Ozborne, I likely would not be arrested for it because there would be no way I could find Ozzy and its not specific enough. If I said, I'm going to get concert tickets for next June and throw a grenade on the stage, I might just find myself with legal problems, and all my friends would kick my ass for wanting to hurt Ozzy, rightfully so. The safe bet, however, would be to say that I am going to the concert and looking forward to G-d himself striking Ozzy down to a terrible violent death. I could even say that I am a soldier for G-d and do whatever G-d wants and that G-d himself has told me how much he hates that he broke up Black Sabbath. I know from calling authorities myself they are very careful to act on threats that are veiled as "prophesies" because they are religious free speech.

Apparently the powers that be were none to happy with many of my posts, rebukes, exhortations and general exaltation of Torah and YahShua's Blood atonement, so facebook did the kind favor of terminating my acccount. In all honest, I was rather relieved when it happened. Now I can just put my full energy into maintaining this website and writing new articles, which, in combination with my open air preaching and witnessing, is more than a full time job. In all honesty, facebook was becoming more and more of a burden, with me constantly have to deal with hypocrites and strange fire.
I had read before about how he wanted to set up shop in Alaska. This is a sad story of pride causing a fall, and it seemed almost at this point like he had gone home to die. He was arrested just a few hours after posting that he would "take us all down in one hour." This article was completely removed from his website after his arrest, but I kept it.

After he was arrested, the local story did interestingly change around a bit, saying first it was an anonymous tip that told them where he was, then the Portland PD called the Alaska PD where he was hiding out, and finally an Alaskan news source said that they arrested him after Oregon PD "finished their homework." Its also, for some reason, contradicting in articles if he was arrested at the hotel he was staying or a nearby museum.

I found some records online saying he was being charged with 1 2 counts of stalking an Alaskan.. who has the same name as someone who was one of his most long-suffering supporters. I just can't bear to look it up again but I think that's 30 days tops.

A few days after he was incarcerated he wrote this letter which he titled My Repentance but really was more just him trying to explain himself. He says his many prophesies that he would not go to jail were just meaning he would not go to Clackamas County Jail and that he was ready to publicly acknowledge his false prophecy if he is extradited.

I will update this story as it develops, but it looks like for now he's just facing misdemeanor charges in Alaska and fighting extradition.