Terrorist Threats to Government

TorahRestoration Reprobate Ministries I am pretty sure that I have just a small portion of the terrorist threats that this man has posted online here. I thought they would always be there for me to reference, and I had to grab what I could quickly when it was clear he was going to delete his facebook. First he started posting little quips showing how he was dealing with the legal system.
First he posted this message that he cussed out the court's clerk.

Of course he just swore out a clerk, and if she even bothered to write it down it didn't help his case, but for some reason he thought he really accomplished something.

Here's what his facebook friends had to say about that second message.

A short amount of time passed, and all of his problems were still not solved so he decided he needed to let the judge know directly that he was messing with G-d. I saw him post messages to the judge that was handling his bail release by name and the District Attorney, both basically saying that they must drop all charges immediately or they will go to hell. He posted them on his facebook, here's what some of his friends said.

I have screenshots of the one he sent to the family court judge but not the others. It takes a special kind of mental illness to think this will help your custody case.

Here's the comments his facebook friends posted about it.

I think he learned a lot about constitutional law when he won his COURT CASE and thought he would get more tithes and impress his bride with vague threats like this one.

It took about 2 weeks for him to get arrested, and this only added to his ideas that G-d was protecting him. This is one of many messages declaring that because he was able to avoid misdemeanor warrants for a few weeks, G-d is helping him.

It was clear that as time went on and he wasn't captured, his delusions of grandeur only increased. Here he is trying to boss around a world leader.

Just a few hours before he was arrested, he posted the letter below on his website. He says he is going to throw us down in one hour. I had to rearrange my screenshots from facebook to make it one page, but I have a partial screenshot from spiritandtorah.