Rebuttals to Daniels So-Called Repentance and Rebuttals

Daniel is quite the spin doctor. He has tried to smooth over his recent actions, but anyone who is paying attention isn't buying it. Here is my reaction to his recent attempts at vindication. Click on the titles to see the full articles that I'm referring to.

******************** Exposing James Reed and His Idiot Followers ********************

In the first article Daniel thinks he is rebuking the man who videotaped him threatening to keep his children. He doesn't address any of the actual allegations, however, he just attempts to insult them and says his ministry is growing as a result of what they are doing. Maybe he did get more hits on his webpage when the video came out, but clearly he's not smart enough to realize not all attention is good.

******************** Why I have So Many Enimies ********************

This is just ridiculous. I don't think I even need to tell you why this is crazy and stupid, but here we go.

You can't both win souls and immediately assume anyone who questions you has turned into a pillar of salt. Anyone who accepts any prophet without any questions is too dumb to not already be in whatever cult approached them first. If you really were anointed by G-d that blessing would include the patience and knowledge to answer questions without swearing and damning people to hell.

How long after this did you start signing your letters with Yochanon as your new last name? Were you trying to avoid the avalanche of bad things accessible about you on google? Is that why you stopped going by Preacher Dan, started using your middle name, etc?

Well I guess this website has sent me straight off to hell, I'm gonna go have some premarital sex and then a ham sandwich.

******************** Putting the Lies to Rest ********************

Here is yet another article trying to explain his way out of the situation he had gotten himself in. First he explains that his children's mother asked him to stop preaching to them, and he sent a letter to the judge about this.

One would think he could just not preach to his kids until the next court date. When according to his facebook the oldest was 11, I'm sure they weren't too into sin. Here is how he responds to a family member who points out he could have just waited to address this until the next court date.

I can't find the letter he sent to the judge, but one would think that his children, the oldest being 11 according to his facebook, could go without a sermon until the next court date. He could have just done other things with them until the next court date, but clearly he cannot bend even just a little.

You previously said they said they were sick. Maybe they were sick of hanging out with someone who constantly told them their mom was going to hell? I mean, I wasn't there, but you said it on their facebook pages. You couldn't think of anything else to do with them until your next court date?

I saw those letters to the DA and Judges, I wish I had them to show, but I can assure you that whatever told you to send them was not a loving G-d. If you were right about not violating the restraining order, or it was just a misunderstanding, you could have just gone to court and cleared all this up. Your messages to these people were not the good news we are ordered to spread, but just you telling them to drop all charges and rule in your favor or they would go to hell. The proof is in the fruit of the tree, did it work?

Again, if you just would have gone to court you wouldn't have serious charges or a reason to run and hide. It was not G-ds word but your childish temper tantrum that led you to send those letters, and your own cowardice that kept you out of court afterwards. How bold in Yah you are, sending threatening letters then running like a girl!

You probably promised your new wife that you would quickly get custody of your children. You mentioned that she even got you an attorney, but you chose to rebuke him rather than work with him. In your first week of marriage, you spent hours and hours online bragging about how she bought you a new car and Iphone and getting warrants. I think its surprising she stayed 10 days!

The reasons for this are all on this webpage.

You went to jail, so you are a false prophet. In the document that explains your fulfilled prophesies you said the spirit of EliYAH had already overcome that of Jezebel, which is funny considering you probably cannot name another adult in Portland who is not going to hell.

Nope, you didn't really debunk anything, you just did your best to put a spin on it like it wasn't your fault.

Did you know that Hallaluyah means G-d is great? Yes, he sure is, and he has led me to make this website. Even without it, your tree is bearing bitter fruit that you've well earned.

******************** Battered, Bruised, But Not Fallen -- I am OUT OF JAIL!!! ********************

Here is his first attempt at trying to show that a prophet can be a jailbird who resists arrest.

You could have waited until the next court date to address the issue with your ex wife, since your children are below the age of responsibility for their actions both in Old and New Testament Law. If what you were telling them was anything like what I've seen you preach and what I've read online, I can understand why any loving mother would try to keep them safe.

What you posted on their facebook pages about their mom dying soon and being replaced by a woman you hadn't yet met made ME sick, and I'm an adult. So maybe they were sick. If you would have had the patenience to wait until the next court date, you wouldn't be in any trouble at all now. Not following the court order and letting you see the children could have been grounds for you to get full custody, if you weren't such an obvious powderkeg from how you handled this.

So you missed them so much you just left town doing nothing, knowing that the judge probably follows all those pagan holidays and will not be available when you get back? Was this letter anything like the threatening ones you posted on your web page?

Police treat you as you treat them. You had already shown an expressive arrogance, you did something to earn that arrest. It takes a lot of time, energy and paperwork to arrest someone, and every time an officer does this he risks his job. What are you leaving out here?

I just cannot, despite my attempt at Christian love for you, resist the urge to call you a blowhard at this point.

If you are nice to the police, they are nice to you. Clearly you lost your patience and brought enough of this officer's ire for him to want to arrest you this badly. Not everyone who opposes you is instantly sent to hell, so sometimes you just may find that you have to be nice to others to make things easier on yourself.

You can't win souls while you're being tazed. I doubt it happened anything like what you've said here. G-d would not tell you to resist arrest, that only further proved your inability to control your temper and hurt your custody case, and added extra charges. You cannot preach while being tazed and jumped on by a dozen cops. It was just a childish tantrum, and if your children saw they were likely terrified.

I'm amazed that he admitted that he called out to G-d and instead of helping him he was on his own tazed into submission. A lesson, or message from G-d, perhaps?

You preached and sung while you were getting booked, and as you calmed down they slowly gave you more privileges. The police, who listen to people high on drugs with their incoherent babble, didn't want to hear your shit. You didn't win any converts in the jail, you just annoyed people and kept yourself in cuffs longer.

You cried like a little girl until people bailed you out of jail. That was real swell of you to have your supporters post bail, they're now out 10x as much because you skipped your court date and you would have been out in just a few days anyway. I bet you were terrified of going into general population with the type of criminals who don't just threaten women and children from behind a keyboard!

Things didn't start looking up for you until you stopped singing praises and got on the phone to beg for help. Why won't your G-d get you out this time, Daniel?

******************** My Repentance ********************

He said he would never go to jail, but he was arrested. Here he tries to explain this away. I wonder who on the outside still cares enough to post this for him?

There is nothing resembling repentance here. You dance on the edge of but never really admit wrongdoing, but you do attempt to make excuses for wrongdoing. I guess its a first step, but I think this article would be better titled I'm trying to explain all this.

You mean you ran to where your last remaining supporter was, while outright lying to everyone on Facebook insisting so much that you were in Portland that it was obvious you were not? And then you managed to loose your last supporter when she decided to press charges against you?

No, you were arrested for Stalking an Alaskan. You haven't faced charges for your threats to your ex wifes and eluding that you would kidnap your children, thats what this page is for.

A little too far? Just a little? I hope you stay in there long enough to realize that understatement is like saying "Jesus was a decent guy who helped a few people out."

That was not a typo. You said over and over and over that you would NEVER go to jail. Not Clackamas county, which will extradite you, but any jail. You have given a false prophesy, and if we were in the Old Testament society you yearn for we could now stone you. Will you please just admit you are not any more divine than the rest of us and get another telemarketing job instead? That is, after you get out of prison after all your children are old enough to get their own restraining orders.

I don't advocate for violence against anyone, but stoning false prophets makes G-ds intentions very clear. If he wanted you to speak for him, he never would have given you a false prophesy. He never did want to get involved with your facebook spats or tell you people were going to hell for disagreeing with you about anything. Another massive understatement. If you ever were a worker for G-d, what message could you possibly get from this other than that you are fired?

G-d does not make mistakes. If you're saying your prophecy was that you would not go to Clackamas jail, and really believed in your own prophesies, you wouldn't be worried about it. This letter convinced me that you don't really believe in G-d, but as a young man saw this as an easy way to wealth , power, and respect. Its time you give up trying to be like Jed Smock.